What to Buy Your Escort? Gift Ideas!


What to Buy Your Escort? Gift Ideas!

What to Buy Your Escort? Gift Ideas!

What to Buy Your Escort? Gift Ideas!

Gift Ideas for Your Escort

What should I get my escort from Amy´s Escorts London? Many clients wonder what to gift to their date.

First let’s decide what not to buy for her. You should not bring flowers unless she has specifically asked for some flowers, and if she has, find out which type she likes. I do not recommend flowers for two reasons. 1. Flowers will only last 7-10 days. You will want to get her something both practical and something she will use. 2. Flowers are associated with a romantic connection. Be wary of trying to establish a romantic relationship. Most escorts are not interested in starting something personal. Keep it fresh and light. Friendship is good, in fact, it´s the best, as it shows you respect and like her. But remember this is a professional relationship.

Chocolates are a no in my book. Sure, what women doesn´t not like chocolate, but like flowers, Chocolates aren´t practical and long-serving. You´ll want to buy her something she will use again and again, for some time. So, that when she uses it she thinks of you. Hopefully, they will be good thoughts.

I recommend perfume as the number one gift for your favourite escort. Every girl has a favourite scent. Just ask her and she will gladly let you know her favourite. She will use the perfume almost daily, and it will last for some time. Some advice from us, don’t buy her the smallest variety, she´ll know that you have done that, and she´ll think you are cheap. Instead buy her the next size up. This tells her she´s worth it, but it´s not as intimidating as if you bought her the best of the best.

Shoes are a good idea, but most women are particularly picky when shopping for shoes. Even if you know her favourite shoe designer, that is not enough. She may not like the colour or the style of the pair you bought. Only buy her shoes if she tells you the exact one. If all fails a gift certificate at her favourite store is a great idea.

Lingerie is probably the second-best item to buy for her. So long as your taste are not too eccentric. Most women will buy sexy lingerie to show off her body to her lucky man. Consider her shape. Get advice from the store assistant. You will want to buy something that accentuates her features. Find out before you buy, what’s her favourite colour. Also, consider her skin tone. If she says she likes pink and purple and she is dark-skinned, then a fuchsia or deep purple would go well. If she is relatively fair-skinned, then go lighter say a hot pink or rose pink. Pick out something you like but allow yourself to be influenced by the sales assistant.

We hope this article gives you some ideas as what to buy and equally what not to.

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