What Makes a Good Client

What Makes A Good Client

What Makes a Good Client?

Here at Amy´s Escorts London, we pride on our ladies being treated with respect from all the clients. So read our list on what makes you a good client for them.

-First and foremost a good client recognises the escort as a person and not some object to be used and abused. A good client will respect the escort. He recognises that his paid companion is a person and he respects her as an individual. Of course, this will require a level of maturity in the client. Some clients especially younger ones don’t possess this maturity. Hence the reason why some escorts apply the over 30-rule. Some clients see the escort as a commodity or service. A good client recognises that he is establishing a professional relationship with the escort.

  • A client may become obsessed and develop feelings towards his escort especially if he is a regular client of hers. Often an escort will recognise this development. But sometimes she is unaware of the client’s feelings towards her. It is important to realise that as a client you are establishing a professional relationship and not a personal relationship.
  • A good client will pay the correct amount without any fuss. Don’t try and negotiate the price, this will only harm the quality of your future experience. If you are on a budget, then I would advise you to look at girls with lower rates. An escort’s rates are her rates, period. Tips are encouraged especially outside the extras she may charge. A good tip should be about 10% of the total amount. Trust me on this, giving tips will be well worth it. If she gets a good tip upfront she will want to see you again and again and will try her best to give you the most memorable experience. Obs: Most escorts will require payment upfront in an envelope.
  • The client should follow all established rules. Most escorts have very few rules; don’t pull my hair, don’t slap my butt etc. It is important for you to understand and follow these rules as this will establish respect and a level of trust.
  • A good client should be clean. Sometimes this is not possible if you´re coming straight from the airport or work. Take advantage of her shower facilities. A good escort will have mouthwash and maybe her favourite colognes available for you. Obs: Don’t drown yourself in cologne two or three sprays is good enough.
  • You should be on time; most escorts are forgiving if you are 5 minutes late. But if you are 10 or 15 minutes late, she will be a little irritated. Again, put yourself in a position where she will have a positive attitude towards you. A good client recognises an escorts time is valuable to her.
  • If in public, try and be discreet so as to not to draw attention to her. Keep any conversation neutral and non-controversial. Try not to swear or make racist remarks. Be kind and considerate and she will treat you with the same value.
  • Some clients believe they can act in any fashion they wish. But it must be recognised that your actions whether positive or negative will have an equal reaction towards you. So, don’t harm your prospects. You are paying good money make the most of it.

So enjoy your time with our escorts. At Amy’s Escorts London we have a large selection of escorts. We have escorts in west London available for incall and outcall in Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Earls Court, Kensington, Mayfair, Paddington, Soho and other areas in West London. Explore the Escorts page of our website. Here you can view each of our London escorts in-depth with their specific character profile. This includes their Statistics, Rates, Images and an About Me profile which will allow you to choose the perfect escort in London for you based on their traits and services they offer. When deciding on the right escort, consider their personality as well as their looks, this will ensure you the most memorable time. Once you have discovered which one of our exotic west London escorts you would like to book, proceed to the Bookings page. On the Bookings page, you can arrange for an escort to the date and time you wish and also any special requirements.

If you would like more information on our London escorts or Amy’s Escorts London, why not contact us today. Give us a call on 0739 3822 273 or email us on admin@amysescortslondon.com and we will look to respond to your email as soon as we can.

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