Top 5 Roleplay Ideas You Can Try With A West London Escort


Top 5 Roleplay Ideas You Can Try With A West London Escort

Top 5 Roleplay Ideas You Can Try With A West London Escort

Top 5 Roleplay Ideas You Can Try With A West London Escort

Roleplay Ideas You Can Try With A West London Escort

Admit it, there are sex fantasies on your bucket list you think of every other time you’re horny. You’ve finally decided enough is enough so you’re in London – Europe’s sex capital. Everything here amazes you. The night life is awesome, the tea culture is phenomenal…the women? Oh, boy! They’re literally driving you nuts….you’re in fact, in love with a London escort from Amy’s Escorts no less. You’re not alone, every other visitor in London goes through that. Back to London and her sexcapdes, you’ve booked a hotel for the weekend. Your date, a London escort has suggested role play and promised some anal action if your ideas make her wet. What looked and sounded easy at first now looks evasive and complex. Relax, try any of the following role play ideas with your London escort.

Doctor and Patient

You can’t go wrong with a medical themed role play. It is ideal because it can work in so many different ways. The theme will also give you the perfect excuse to dress up in a sexy role play outfit. One good thing about the doctor patient role play idea is the fact that either party take on the role of the doctor or patient. One classic role features a chronically ill patient getting attended to by a sexy doctor. If you’re the doctor, be stern and professional initially. Resist the patient’s sexual advances and hints before eventually giving in.

The idea here is simple. Allow some sex tension to build up. With time, the plot should descend into a sexually charged atmosphere where you both can’t help it. Begin with the basics if you’re the male doctor. Check her temperature. Check her pulses too then send the pulses racing with an accidental brush of her erogenous zone. You don’t have to think too much about it. One naughty touch, one naughty gaze and everything will freely flow. If you’re the female patient, you only have one major role to play – dress sexy.

Boss and Secretary

Role plays mostly rely on going against norms and creating power dynamics. That explains why work based role plays are extremely common. Don’t make yours another common boss vs secretary tussle. How about channelling real office vibes by ignoring the bed altogether? Spice things up a little by having a real office table.

Notably, the secretary is always the lady. You don’t have to go that way though. She could be the boss. You on the other hand, could be the IT guy working under her supervision. She could be mad at you for failing to fix a technical glitch on time. Alternatively, she doesn’t have to be mad. She could notice you fixing something in her office and immediately feel attracted. Resist her advances to build some sexual tension. She could suggest firing you if you fail to comply. Dress sexy, probably with no panties on then let him accidently see your ‘flower’.

You can be the boss too and have her as a naïve or clumsy intern. Threaten to punish her for a simple mistake like failing to prepare a report late. You can also do the exact opposite. Reward her for a job well done. Be sure to dress like a boss complete with a tie. She should on the other hand, dress like a sexy secretary. Again, the tension here should build with time before you give in to her demands. You don’t have go completely naked. You could in fact, have an office quickie at first before completely undressing after the tension completely overwhelms you.

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Teacher and Student

There’s always a naughty student in every class; one who doesn’t ever complete his assignment and blatantly refuses to respect fellow student and teachers. On the same wavelength, there’s always a sexy teacher in every school. One who each student dreams about every other night. Chances are, you still recall that teacher. You actually still dream of having sex with her. She may have moved on with her life and you may never have gotten a chance to profess your love for her. Worry not though. You still have a chance to profess to yet another sexy teacher. This time round, you’ll see your efforts crowned with mind-blowing orgasms.

Choose to be the naughty student and her reluctant yet willing teacher. Talk dirty to her. Complement her ass. Stare at her cleavage as she talks to you. She on the other hand, should be stern and strict. If you’re the teacher maintain sternness but also hint a little bit of willingness to indulge in some naught fun. ‘Accidentally’ touch his penis as you pretend to pick a pen you ‘accidentally’ dropped. Directly in front of him with a mini-skirt revealing your thighs. Give him a glimpse of what he’s missing by ‘accidentally’ allowing him to see your pussy.

There are so many themes you can explore here. It’s all about fun remember. You can for instance, choose biology class as the theme. Be sure to take the role of the sexy biology teacher and conveniently choose to teach the female reproductive system. Suggest that you’re willing to teach and practically show him how the system works. Warn him not to get horny but then also suggest that you’re wet and that you can help each other out.

Master and Slave

This is yet another sexy role play theme you can repeatedly explore with your London escort without getting bored. She could be your sex slave or an ordinary slave only that you’re in love with her. Suggest that the only way she can buy freedom is to do as you command. Have her in chains then make her beg for freedom. You only release her after she satisfies your fantasies.

Football Captain and Cheerleader

There’s something about football captains and cheerleaders that makes it easy for them to fall in love. It doesn’t just happen in movies. It happens in real life. Make it happen too in the bedroom with your London escort. There are many ways you can go about the theme. She could choose to reward you with steamy sex after winning a match. On the other hand, she could deny you some action for playing poorly. You have to impress her with flirty words before she gives in but only on condition that you’ll play better next time.

Amy’s Escorts London For The Perfect Roleplay

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