Top 10 Escorts Lingos Used By West London Escorts


Top 10 Escorts Lingos Used By West London Escorts

Top 10 Escorts Lingos Used By West London Escorts

Top 10 Escorts Lingos Used By West London Escorts

Top 10 Escorts Lingos

West London escorts stand for the best of the best, especially if you compare what you get for a certain amount of money you spend. It’s well known that these ladies know how to treat their clients and that they go the extra mile to satisfy their every need. When it comes to first-timers, there are situations where they can’t make an arrangement with an escort, solely because they don’t understand escort lingo.

There are many phrases escorts use and it’s really important to understand the meaning of these phrases if you want to arrange the perfect date with a London Escort. Here, we’ll cover the top 10 phrases West London escorts use in their lingo and their meaning.

GFE – Girlfriend Experience

When you start browsing West London escorts online, you’ll most likely come across the phrase GFE. It’s one of the most commonly used phrases in escort lingo everywhere and it basically means “girlfriend experience”. Some people understand this phrase word for word, but it’s one of the most complex services West London escorts have to offer.

The thing about the girlfriend experience is that different people expect different things when they ask for this service. Some consider a GFE a wine & dine with possible intimacy afterward. Others think that the escort should show intimacy and love to the client. The thing is, both are right. It means all of that and can include a lot of other things as well. That’s why it’s really important to be as specific as possible when arranging a date with a West London escort and asking for a GFE.

OWO – Oral Without

Like the GFE, OWO is one of the most commonly asked for services in London. The phrase OWO stands for Oral With Out – and basically means that the escort will give you oral satisfaction without insisting on a condom. It can be a part of foreplay when the escort is getting the client ready for a more intimate experience. Some clients only want to experience oral satisfaction, but a much smaller number compared to clients who ask for OWO as a form of foreplay.

There’s a similar phrase – OW, which also means that the escort will orally satisfy her client but will insist on a condom. Most clients either ask for OWO or skip it completely.

DATY – Dining At The Y

While we’re still on the topic of foreplay, DATY is another part of the escort lingo you should know. It stands for Dining At The Y, and although that doesn’t mean anything to someone who hasn’t had experience with an escort, it means that the client will orally satisfy the escort. Some clients enjoy the fact that they make their partners satisfied and ready for action.

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Greek or A-Levels

Once you start checking out the services West London escorts have to offer, you’ll most likely come across the phrase A-Levels or Greek. This part of escort lingo refers to anal sex. Although it’s a service not offered by many escorts, it’s still worth knowing, especially if you’re a fan of sticking it in the wrong hole.

This type of service is one you’ll definitely need to wear a condom for. Although many people practice unsafe anal sex, it’s important to stay protected, especially because it’s much easier to get an infection while having anal sex compared to any other type of sexual activity.


Although this phrase isn’t used as much by West London escorts, it’s good to know if you’re interested in having your intimate part rubbed to completion by the escort’s breasts. This service is offered by busty escorts, but not all of them.

Clients who enjoy seeing a nice pair of breasts on a woman usually love this type of sexual gratification.


These three abbreviations are related to the ending part of the date with any escort.

COF stands for Cum On Face and is pretty much self-explanatory. It means that the client will finish on the escort’s face and it doesn’t include anything else than that. Dominant clients love this type of ending because it gives them the feeling they humiliated their partner.

COB stands for Cum On Body and is one of the most common endings of a date with a West London Escort. It doesn’t have much to do with domination as it has with the result of mind-blowing sex.

CIM stands for Cum In Mouth and is a very popular thing amongst clients. When it comes to West London escorts – not as much. A small number of escorts offer this service, but in case you find one that does, it’s good to know what it means. It’s also one of the things escorts charge extra for.

PSE – Porn Star Experience

PSE is not a very common service escorts offer, but it is possible to find West London escorts that offer this type of service to their clients. The Porn Star Experience is self-explanatory, but it’s not an exact type of service where you know exactly what you’ll get. Like the GFE, the client should be as specific as possible and describe their fantasy to the escort before going on a date.

Some clients ask for specific accessories or clothing, which makes it all the more exciting to experience. This service is mostly offered by escorts who have previous porn experience.

DP – Double Penetration

This abbreviation is mostly used by escorts that offer their services to more than one client at once. There are many people fantasizing about having sex with a woman while another man is present as well. It’s a common fantasy, and some escorts actually enjoy vaginal and anal sex at the same time. This type of service is exclusive only to escorts that offer sex with two male clients at once.

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