Top 10 High Class Restaurants to Take Your London Escort


Top 10 High Class Restaurants to Take Your London Escort

Top 10 High Class Restaurants to Take Your London Escort

Top 10 High Class Restaurants to Take Your London Escort

Few things can be oh-so-sweet as dessert at Cakes & Bubbles, or as spicy as dinner at Fatt Pundit. Find the best places to take your London escort to set the mood.

Choosing the best restaurant to impress and tantalize your London escort is no simple decision. Will you want something filling, something flirty, or something fun? Planning your dinner reservations can be almost as important as planning your escort, as dinner will set the mood for the entire evening.


Here at Amy´s Escorts London, we’ve chosen ten of the best restaurants in London for you to delight and dazzle with. No matter what you have planned. Her gratitude will surely be noted.

  1. Cornerstone

Hackney Wick offers a cosy exception to the posh and stiff. This restaurant focuses on seasonal favourites that are beautifully produced and brilliantly executed, without all the frill and fluff of other restaurants of this quality.

  1. Ikoyi

St. James Market offers more than just renown shopping and impressive dining. This section of south-west London just happens to host the best restaurant for a romantic rendezvous. Ikoyi brings West African cuisine to an elevated level designed with a duo in mind. Their small plates are perfect for sharing and the spice level will certainly leave you feeling hot under the collar.

  1. Barrafina Coal Drops Yard

Located in the busy and bustling King’s Cross, Barrafina is the place to go for a sneak peek at what’s to come. The delightful and flavoursome tapas won’t fill you up, but will certainly leave you with an appetite for adventure.

  1. Ottolenghi’s Rovi

Scandinavian style dishes excite the senses as their recipes come alive in the hands of the famous London chef. Delightful cocktails and a revolving bar are a great way to break the ice on the big night.

  1. Cakes & Bubbles

Looking for a bit of sweet after savouring the evening’s events? Cakes & Bubbles is ideal if you find yourself in Piccadilly. This restaurant is headed by Michelin-starred Albert Adria, whose whimsical desserts pair perfectly with a glass of Champagne and your evening’s company.

  1. Pizarro

More cheeky tapas to get the night started off at a scintillating high, Pizarro offers a treat of Spanish inspired cuisine for all. Should you find yourself in Bermondsey Street at night’s end, the restaurant also presents filling plates steaming with delights for all diet desires.

  1. Fatt Pundit

The go-to Indian in Soho. Fatt Pundit offers plates to be shared with simply styled seating and inviting decor. The restaurant is ripe for conversation and good times for all while indulging in their creative and succulent take on old favourites.

  1. Roka

Whether you’re a meat-eater or vegan, Roka offers a thrill ride of Japanese cuisine suited to any palette. The tasting menus give patrons a full-spectrum view of the restaurant’s capabilities without feeling weighed down by an overly full stomach.

  1. Ham

A relaxed favourite, Ham offers diners a comfortable atmosphere with truly comfort food. The restaurant pays homage to great British cuisine and strives to source only from local bakeries and butchers. Giving a fresh and modern twist on old favourites.

  1. Orrery

A restaurant review list without elegant French cuisine needs to get out of the kitchen. Orrery offers stunning renditions of classic and sought after French dishes. The restaurant stays true to form and offers stunning courses in their most genuine execution.

Once you choose one of these restaurants to go to, don’t forget to go book your night out with one of our London Escorts.

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