5 Things That Can Go Wrong On Date With An Escort And What You Can Do To Save The Day


5 Things That Can Go Wrong On Date With An Escort And What You Can Do To Save The Day

5 Things That Can Go Wrong On Date With An Escort And What You Can Do To Save The Day

5 Things That Can Go Wrong On Date With An Escort And What You Can Do To Save The Day

Date With An Escort

First time meeting an escort in London? Expect two things – a good time or in very rare circumstances, a bad experience. Here’s the thing though with bad experiences and first encounters with escorts. There’s always something you can do to redeem yourself. Think of it as a slip. It happens, you pick yourself up, dust off some dirt and move on. It’s all part of life. Like anyone who’s had experiences with escorts will you, the road to memorable sexcapdes isn’t always paved with roses. Mishaps here and there are bound to happen. Ultimately, you learn from the experiences. You then end up becoming a pro.

It is also important to note that some things can happen on a date through no fault of your own. It could be entirely your date’s fault. Even then, there are things you can or how you can handle the situation so you come out of it unscathed and still happy. With that in mind, here’s a list of things that can go wrong on a date with escorts of London and what you can do to save the day…or date.

Wrong Complement

This one could go either way. Picture this. You meet her for the first time and you’re stunned by her beauty. Of all escorts London you’ve gone on dates with, this one is the sexiest. You can’t wait to spend time alone. Midway through your date just when you’re about to leave for ‘adult activities’ you blurt something out. You thought it’d be a nice complement but it then it backfires right on your face. She turns red – clearly angered. It wasn’t your intention. It just came out – slipped off your tongue. Now, you can always apologize and mean it. A better alternative would be to go for a gesture afterwards in a bid to formally apologize like a gentleman. Offer her wine if you’re certain she likes wine, a thoughtful piece of jewellery or even chocolate.

It so happens that you can also say something right in the middle of ‘action’. You’re both having a good time cuddling or you’re completely lost as she massages you. Then it happens. You say something. There’s an awkward silence. You open your eyes and she’s clearly agitated. At that point, she’s ready to pick her stuff and leave. Relax. Hold her hand, apologize and mean it.

Be the bigger person if you’re on the receiving end of a wrong complement. She could say something that doesn’t go down well with you. Your reaction matters a lot here. The first thing you do is let her know that you don’t find her complement acceptable. You don’t have to explain yourself too much. The last thing you want is to end up arguing. Many escorts, especially the ones who work with reputable agencies like Amy’s Escorts are trained to handle such situations well. They’ll quickly apologize and even go off their way to offer an extra hour or an extra escort service for free. Accept such gestures and move on. Humans err all the time. You don’t and shouldn’t dwell on an issue for long especially after the party at fault apologizes.

Expectations Gone Wrong

This happens more often than people admit – you meet a person online, chat, have a good time and agree to meet. You immediately realize your date looks better in person or nothing close to what you saw online. It happens with escorts too. You get stunned by what you see – she’s simply too beautiful – way out of your league. Then one day you’re in West London looking or West London escorts. You meet one in person only to have your expectations drawn and swept under the carpet. This is what happens when you hire escorts through unscrupulous and fishy escorts’ agencies. Stick to reputable agencies and you certainly won’t regret a thing.

So what exactly should you do the moment you realize you’ve been dealt a raw deal? Should you cancel the date there and then? Should you explain to your date that they’re not what you expected? There’s no definite answer here. If you had made plans with an escort for extended services, then yeah you should cancel the plans. That’s because extended escort services means you could spend a whole weekend or in some cases, a whole week with an escort. You can’t put up with what you don’t like. A good London escort agency should listen to your concerns and offer you another escort or even offer a refund.

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Language Barrier

Many European cities are increasingly becoming cosmopolitan. The young escorts London you’re after could be from anywhere in the world. There’s actually a reason London is slowly becoming home to exotic escorts. So you chat with an escort through an agency and all goes well. Unknown to you, the escort on the other end of the line isn’t fluent in English. You meet her in person and immediately realize there’s a massive language barrier.

If she speaks broken English, good for you. If she doesn’t, fish out your phone quickly download a language translation application and see how much you can understand each other through the app. Escorts all over the world offer a few common services like massage. Find out if she offers such common services. If you’re willing to put up with the language barrier and enjoy her services nonetheless, then go for it. This is especially the case if you’re hiring the escort for just a few hours.

Running Late

Traffic jams, meetings that go on for hours, a slight accident and sometimes just poor time keeping are all good examples of why people show up for dates late. The rule of the thumb is that you should never keep a lady waiting. It creates a bad impression. It is also a bad habit. When you can’t help it though, let your date know that you’re running late. Offer to make it up to her for keeping her waiting. As you rush to the meeting venue, have her order a drink on your bill.


Go slow on alcohol. First off, never show up for a sexcapade drunk. Be moderate on how you consume alcohol. If you have a problem with it, then by all means avoid meeting where alcohol is served. Let your date know well in advance that you have issues restraining yourself whenever you see alcohol.

It could happen too that your escort for the day or for the evening ends up indulging more than she can handle. Be quick to act immediately you notice this. Have her place her drink aside. Let her know too that she’s getting wasted. This happens often with young escorts London. That explains why alcohol should never be part of your experience with an escort.

Wrap Up

It doesn’t matter how well you prepare for an escort experience. Things can sometimes happen that end up ruining the moment. It could be a misplaced complement as already explained or something you can do nothing about like bad weather forcing you to show up late. Whatever the case, there’s always something you can do to save the situation. All the aforementioned tips can come to your rescue. Notice though that in nearly all cases, acknowledging you’re wrong when you’re the party at fault and subsequently apologizing stands out as the most effective solution to an awkward moment.

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