The Top 10 Nations with Beautiful Women

We at Amy’s Escorts London have put together a list of the top ten nations having the most beautiful women.

10. Morocco this north African nation can boost some of the most attractive women in the world. Most Moroccan woman have an ancestry which includes, Arab, Berber, Spanish and French what a wonderful mix .

9. Mexico comes in 9th place. Something about that special blend of native American and Latin traits which creates a very intoxicating cocktail. Variations of this recipe you will see later on in the list.

8. No list could go without having Italy on its list of the most beautiful women in the world. These Bella’s are known for there passion in the bedroom. You better have a large bowl of pasta before hand, because you will need it.

7.Thai women became popular during the Vietnam War with the G-I’s stationed in nearby Vietnam. Thailand quickly was known to have beautiful and easy going, fun loving women.

6. Blonds with blue eyes describes our next selection. Yes Sweden, home to IKEA, ABBA, and the Victoria Secret model Elsa Hosk. These beauties have helped fill the pages of many a Playboy magazine.

5. Romania founded by the Roman Empire this nation has some the most attractive women on the planet. These women with their dark hair and olive complexion and a smile to knock your socks off is our pick for # 5. These women are also known to be quite passionate in bed too.

4. The Czech Republic of central Europe is our pick for # 4. This Slavic nation has a blend of Polish, German and Czech peoples which has produced a formidable blend. In recent years Prague has received the dubious distinction of becoming a sex capital. Sex Tourism is up and running in this nations capital. Having beautiful women, a low cost of living, and only an hour away by plane from many Industrialised European countries it has become very popular with punters.

3. Home of the Karma Sutra, India gets # 3. At the crossroads of the Far East and Middle East lies India. Known for its spicy curry and its spicy almond shaped eyed women. Having a full range of brown skinned exotics with long flowing dark hair raised in a culture that produced the world’s best-known book on sex what more would you want.

2. Another Latin American Country this time Venezuela takes the number 2 position. Venezuela has more beauty Queens than any other country. They have more ex Miss Universes and Miss Worlds than any other. They are also known for having the highest number of plastic surgeries per capita in the world. They love to exercise too. Venezuelan women demand perfection.

1. In the number 1 spot is BRAZIL, home to the Rio Carnival and Samba music. Brazilian women are known for their love of dance, music and sun. Go to any Brazilian beach and you will see knock-out after knock-out. These fun-loving ladies are also known for their butts – big round butts. So, if you like women with great tans, great butts and having a fun-loving personality then I recommend you take a visit to Brazil especially Rio de Janiero the ground zero of the Brazilian modelling Industry.

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