The Captivating Sights of Covent Garden


The Captivating Sights of Covent Garden

The Captivating Sights of Covent Garden

The Captivating Sights of Covent Garden

As the leading agency that provides 120 escorts London for the gentlemen of this city, we love sharing our knowledge of this region’s intricacies. In our blog’s sojourn of West London’s most fascinating localities, we have now made it to the charming district of Covent Garden. We really hope that you like reading these descriptions as we love writing them! As for this district, it has an air of romance that makes it especially alluring for residents and tourists! The best way to explore the place is on foot, as significant parts are closed for traffic. As for fun activities, there are operas to be seen, finely brewed coffee to be sipped, parties to be enjoyed, and beer to be guzzled! If you are slightly new to the place, it would be much better if you have the splendid company of the escorts of London when you come here! So, without further ado, let’s get on with it and take you to the hidden jewels waiting to be explored in this enchanting neighborhood.

A Cultural Extravaganza

This area has a lot to offer for the connoisseurs of culture. The first place to start your explorations should be the Covent Garden Piazza. As you walk on, you will find yourself stopping to admire the skills of the street artists that perform here! They can put up quite a show, ranging from mime to contortion, and you can tip them if you like their performances. After getting your fill of free entertainment, we advise you to rendezvous with an escort in West London

At the Royal Opera House. This is the one landmark that arguably distinguishes this district! You can’t walk through the area without noticing the place as it makes up one end of the Piazza. When your companion meets you here, she knows that you are a man with taste, and you can expect her to treat you like one!

Some of the world’s best plays, ballets, and operas are performed here regularly. As always, you would be well advised to book your places in advance so that you don’t leave anything to chance. After all, it will not leave a good impression on your companion if you reach the place, and all tickets are sold out! As for the actual experience, it is out of the world! You will find yourself so involved in the story of the opera, and feel emotions that can be rarely experienced or expressed elsewhere. We advise you not to bottle them up, as this is all part of the opera adventure! The next pro-tip we have for you is to use the opera to form a deeper connection with the Soho escorts. Doing so can assure you great sex when you take them somewhere private! After all, emotions do play a significant role in guaranteeing sexual pleasure for both the participants. Coming back to the opera, you can also take a tour of the backstage area and put yourself in the shoes of the performers who get a chance to show their skills on this hallowed turf.

If you are a James Bond fan, then your next stop has to be The London Film Museum. You can find the most extensive collection of Bond memorabilia and the mean machines that the iconic character used in his films! Lovers of automobiles should not miss the Transport Museum, and you will find a lot of vintage vehicles here! There are also lovely souvenirs that can be bought from the in-house gift shop!

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Food and Shopping Options

Again, it would be wise to start from the Piazza, as you can find the best stigmas in the world coexisting with quaint local shops. You can buy all kinds of gifts for her, ranging from traditional art and crafts at the Jubilee Market to the most modern technological gadgets from the Apple store! You should also visit the pretty independent shops near the Seven Dials for gifts such as chocolates. While you’re shopping, do take a detour through Conduit Court and visit the super-cool Infinity Chamber for a welcome change!

One of the must-visit places is Neal’s Yard, one of the hidden jewels that we were speaking of! This serene street is a treat for the senses with shops, restaurants serving organic food, cafes, and bars. This is also one of the best places in London to sit down and have a romantic conversation with the 100 escorts London, as you watch the world go by! As we’ve said already, some of the city’s best street food is served in Covent Garden. You can also dine in style at the classiest restaurants in town, such as the Clos Maggiore and the Bodega Negra.

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Places to let your hair down

As regular readers would know, we always like to start with a bar that has a traditional ambience, and where you can enjoy your drink like the gentlemen of yore! These places have a history of their own, and visiting them is like a journey back in time! Our recommendation is the Lamb and Flaga joint frequently visited by Charles Dickens in the 19th century. You would be interested to know that the upper floor of this establishment was used for prize fights! Take in the atmosphere of the place with a drink, and some traditional English appetizers. You will find yourself wanting to come back here for more!

Next, you can move to more modern environs for drinking and dancing at the American-themed Roadhouse bar. This pub’s atmosphere is absolutely electric with creative bartenders, hot waitresses, and sumptuous Yankee food! Expect a boisterous crowd and a lot of karaoke and dancing! The next place that you should definitely visit with the exotic escorts London is the hedonistic Eve Bar. You will definitely have some fun here, and set the mood for your further exploits with the woman by your side!

We hope that you liked reading this post and found it informative. Do stay tuned for more!

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