Taking Out An Escort While On A Budget? 10 Tips You Should Never Ignore


Taking Out An Escort While On A Budget? 10 Tips You Should Never Ignore

Taking Out An Escort While On A Budget? 10 Tips You Should Never Ignore

Taking Out An Escort While On A Budget? 10 Tips You Should Never Ignore

Taking Out An Escort While On A Budget

You really want to go out for some adult fun with an escort you say on Amy’s Escorts London website. There’s a problem though – a big one in fact. You’re broke – not really out of money in a strict sense but broke in a way that you can’t really afford to take out a London escort. It’ll be a few more days before the next pay check comes in so you really have no choice but to make the tough choice. To take her out or not to take her out. Relax, you can ace this one. Try any of the following ideas.

1. Avoid Weekends

Here’s the thing about escorts and weekends – they are always booked. Chances are, you may not even manage to go out with the one you fancy. You may have to book way in advance. Note too that weekends are often considered as peak time. That’s when they rake in more money and loop in more clients. If you’re on a budget, you certainly will have a hard time having an escort look your way.

Things change towards the end of the weekend. Mondays are particularly ideal for pretty much obvious reasons. Everyone is at work. Charges vary as the week progresses. Keep in mind though that evenings are peak hours for many escorts. So avoid evening hours – they are pretty much like weekends.

2. Mention That You’re On A Budget

It sounds like an obvious hack but you’ll be surprised how people hardly ever consider it. Call the agency you wish to book an escort from. Mention that you’d like to book one of their models then while on it, mention that you are on a budget. You’ll be surprised how that’ll work for you.

First off, you’ll have to give a figure. The agency will then point out what kind of services your money can get you. Sure enough many agencies have rates indicated on their sites. What many people don’t know though is that you can always bargain. It sounds like a crazy idea but it works all the time.

3. Stick To One Escort

If you are a London native, then this is for you. Sure, you’d love to sample as many escorts as you can. One moment you’re out with West London escorts then next you’re in central London. It won’t take you long before realizing this is an expensive habit. It is also time consuming.

Flip the coin onto the other side. Stick to one or two escorts and see how it goes. Become a regular. It’ll then be very easy for you to convince them to still offer you their services at a lower fee. Agencies are Amy’s are known to always listen to their regular clients. Once a regular, there’s a high chance you’ll build good rapport with not just the agency but also the models you’ll be

4. Suggest Your Place

This is by far one of the most effective hacks when it comes to having a good time with an escort while on a budget. Have her come over to your place. The only expense you’ll have to put up with is of course, her cab fare and charges for the escort services she’ll offer.

You know your place better than anyone else. You won’t have to worry about paying extra fees in case you need to spend extra hours with the escort. You also don’t have to worry about spending more on food and drinks.

To save even more, have the escort spend over at your place and mention that you’re okay with such an arrangement on a regular basis. Keep your place clean and presentable though. The last thing you want is to have an escort turn you down citing hygiene issues. Keep your place clean and it’ll be easy for her to come over again and again. Ultimately, you’ll save lots of money that you’ve have otherwise used for accommodation.

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5. Pick A Specific Escort Service

Escorts offer a wide range of services. You only need to look at the kind of services that West London escorts offer to realize how diverse the modern escorting world is. You’ll have to spend some money for each service you see. It could be something as simple as deep tissue massage or something more complex like role play. The more complex the service you want is, the more you’ll pay. It’s not really rocket science.

You know what to do here. If you’re cash strapped, stick to the bare minimum London escorts services. The bare minimum in this case means sex and in some cases, ordinary massage. Even for these, you can be certain your time will be restricted to at least 30 minutes. Have a trick up your sleeve though and you can have her for longer without paying much. If you’ve been a regular, ask for a discount.

6. Book Early In The Morning Or Mid Afternoon

You certainly don’t hear of morning escorts as often as you hear about their midday and evening counterparts. That’s because many escorts are usually tired in the morning from the previous night – this is really an obvious fact. Strangely though, it is actually the a few available ones in the morning who are usually affordable.

Morning hours aren’t considered ‘happy hours’. No one goes out in the morning on a weekday. Unless it’s your day off, you have no business doing adult things in the morning on a midday. Take advantage of the odd hours though. It when escorts least expect to go out. It also happens to be one of those times during the day when you can bargain with an escort’s agency with ease. The line isn’t jammed and you’re probably the only one asking or an escort at 7 in the morning.

7. Don’t Go Out Of Town

Driving out of town for a night in a motel of your choice is a good idea. You’ll love it. You must however, be prepared to spend. There are certainly motels you can spend a night or two while on a budget. But why spend on a motel when you can save up that money and have the escort at your place?

Keep in mind that you’ll not just be paying for escort services the moment you decide to go out of town. You’ll have other expenses too like fuel, food and drinks. All these are expenses you can easily avoid by simply hosting an escort.

8. Keep It Low Key

Escorts know how to party – you can’t argue with this fact. Parting is actually part of their job. You know what happens when you have a birthday party for a friend or colleague – call escorts. The light night your mate talks to you as a single man also happens to be one of those nights you may need an escort to lay your friend one last time as a bachelor. If you’re on a budget, these exploits can be hard to pull. There’s a trick though.

In many instances where escorts grace events, they show up in numbers. It could be in a group of three or even more. Once you have an event and you’re on a budget, this should change. The only way you can go about it is to simply keep your event low key.

Low key in this case is simple. It means sticking to a minimum of two escorts for your event. One is also ideal. You know your budget. You know how much you’re also willing to spend per hour. Be sure to mention all these considerations when booking. Let your desired escort agency know that you’ll be working on a tight budget for your event. As already said, the agency will engage you and offer you a good deal. This is especially the case if you’ve been the agency’s regular client for a long time.

9. Stick To Reputable Agencies

It doesn’t matter where you are in London. You can always be sure that there’s an escort within your 1 mile radius either online or offline. That’s just how escorts in London operate. This isn’t an entirely good thing because it means cheats and malicious escorts infiltrate the market.

You can easily be a victim if you aren’t careful. There’s an easy way to ensure you’re never one. It is simple – stick to escorts agencies that are well known in London. They are there in plenty with the likes of Amy’s Escorts Agency leading the pack. Finding one shouldn’t really be a problem.

10. Avoid Orgies And Threesomes

This is somewhat straightforward. Orgies and threesomes are in a special class of their own. They attract high amounts of charges per hour. Avoid such extreme escort services if you’re working on a budget.

Final Thoughts

Yes, you can take out an escort while on a budget and still have a good time. You don’t have to break the bank. You only need to be a little bit creative. All the best with all the ideas discussed above. Then by all means, avoid unprotected sex.

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