11 Sure Signs You’re Falling In Love With An Escort


11 Sure Signs You’re Falling In Love With An Escort

11 Sure Signs You’re Falling In Love With An Escort

11 Sure Signs You’re Falling In Love With An Escort

Signs You’re Falling In Love With An Escort

Your friends warned you about her. She stood out as one of the hottest escorts in London you’d ever seen. The first date night went on well. She made you laugh, she made you talk about things you’d only talk about with close friends. Everything seemed right. Later on that night, she took things a notch higher – no, you didn’t have sex. You made love – at least it felt that way for you. The look she gave you as you made out, the sensual touch she had, the moan she made – they all felt right. It was almost as if the night was solely made for you two. It’s been a month since all these happened yet somehow somewhat, you just cant get her off your head. Are you in love? The one feeling you swore never to dive into? Well, it looks like you’re in it. If anything it actually looks like you’re drowning. How can you be sure though? It’s simple. The following signs tell it all.

She’s All You Think About

This is by far the most common sign you’re in love not just with an escort but with anyone else. You really can’t help. You try to distract yourself but your brain keeps on taking you back to them. You can’t focus. You listen to a song and the first person you think about the very person you’re trying to forget – the person you’re in love with. This shouldn’t really worry you because it is normal and natural.

Studies world over unanimously agree that when you’re in love, your brain secretes high amounts of dopamine and norepinephrine. Experts refer to these hormones as ‘feel good’ hormones. They’re on their peak when you’re in love. That explains why she makes you feel giddy, euphoric and energetic. There’s a simple cure for the hormones. One you may have already thought of by now – tell her you’re in love.

You Feel The Need To Share Stuff With Her

You’re at work or somewhere having fun. A friend shares a joke or you witness something extra-ordinary. You then feel the urge to share the details of what just happened with her – your favourite escort. Now, jog your mind a little. Remember how you always shared stuff with your immediate ex? Well, you’re in that zone again. It isn’t just the good stuff though. You want to share both the juicy and the non-juicy details. There’s only one simple reason for this – you’re in love.

It’s No Longer About Sex

It was all about sex at first. All you wanted to do was have some naughty fun with central London escorts. One thing led to another and you ended up with the escort you’re now in love with. She still makes you horny and attracted to her. You can tell though, that you’re not into her for just sex. You want more than that. You want to spend more time together talking about mundane as well as vital stuff. You’re convinced that you have so much in common. You’re at peace when you’re around her. She simply makes you happy, cools you down and seems to understand you better than any other woman you’ve dated before. There’s only one way you can explain that feeling – you’re in love.

You’re Willing to Pay More to Be with Her

It’s strange how you found yourself here. Before her, paying extra for West London escorts wasn’t something you were keen on. You always paid the bare minimum and got on with your life. Things have since changed. You now don’t mind paying more to spend more time with your favourite escort. Well, she’s your favourite because of the amazing services she offers. She’s also your favourite because you’re in love with her. There’s really nothing wrong with this. People often spend more on their prospects. They spoil them. They pamper them. Be careful though with how much you spend. The last thing you want to experience in London is running out of money.

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You Can’t Stand Other Escorts

London is home to some of the best managed escorts agencies in Europe. Pick any top 5 escort service London you come across online and you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice. Amy’s Escorts in particular is famed for its deep arsenal of London’s finest escorts. What happens though when even in the face of Europe’s sexiest, you only want one specific escort? There could be many reasons for that. It is hard and somewhat impossible to deny though that one of the main reasons for such a precise decision has everything to do with love for a specific escort.

She Makes You Feel Happy

This is pretty basic. Humans spend time and money on what they love. The things and the people that make them happy. That explains why people sometimes sign up for extravagant subscriptions for services or goods that they can easily live without. It all boils down to the fact that the goods or services they subscribe to make them happy. It is exactly the same case with escorts. You pay a premium for that special escort even though there many you can get for a lower price. You do this because the escort makes you happy. She understands you. She’s figured out what to say to make you happy and what to do to keep you relaxed. You could also be paying more because she doesn’t just make your feel happy. You’re just in love.

You Get Worried….And Envious Too Sometimes

You call each other all the time. More often than not, you just want to keep in touch and talk to each other a little before you go to bed. You’ve made this a routine. You call and she calls too. Then it happens – she goes silent on you. You know what she does for a living. She’s an escort. That’s how you met. So why exactly do you get worried and mad sometimes that she doesn’t call or pick your calls. How come you sometimes get mad? You already know the answer. You’re in love. Make no mistake about it though. Being mad or worried when you don’t keep in touch is a healthy feeling. It shows that you’re concerned and that you care for each other. If you’ve hit stage already, then count yourself lucky. Chances are, she’ll say yes when you ask her out.

Your Friends Notice

Your friends and colleagues – the people you spend hours with every day – know you more than you can admit. They know and understand your behavioural patterns very well. It therefore shouldn’t come as a surprise when they notice something peculiar about your behaviour. They’ll either point it out or choose to remain silent out of respect. In case of the former, don’t even try to deny what they tell you unless you’re 100% sure they are wrong. Good friends will straight up tell you that you’re in love. They may then proceed to give you piece of their mind whether you should proceed with your prospect or abort the mission. You know what to do – you’re adult after all.

You Forget Your Priorities

Love is a strange thing. It’ll make you mix up your priorities sometimes when you least expect. You were supposed to call your boss first thing in the morning when you get to work. You get there and call your prospect instead. You don’t even realize that you’ve been on the phone for hours. This goes on for days until your friends notice like already noted above. Calm yourself. Use reminders if you have to. The best solution though is to come out clean and asker her out. Get it over and done with as soon as you can. She could say yes, in which case you’ll be over the moon, always happy and pleasant to hang out with. She could say no in which case you’ll not have fallen too deep to recover and dust yourself off on time. Whatever happens, take your chances.

You’re Willing To Compromise

It doesn’t bother you anymore that she’s an escort. She’s maintained that she loves her job. She loves you too. As far as choosing between her job and being exclusive is concerned, she’s asking or more time to make up her mind. In the meantime, you have to suck it up and compromise. The old you would hear none of it. But this is a different you – the one in love. You find yourself ready and willing to compromise. There can only be one reason why you’re so quick to compromise. You’re in love.

You Come Up With Awesome Date Ideas

You remember all the small details about her. Her daughter’s birthday, her own birthday, her mother’s birthday. You remember all these details and proceed to send her your regards. It doesn’t end there though. You come up with awesome date ideas. You do this because you want to impress her. You want to make her happy. More importantly though, you do this because you’re in love with her.

Wrap Up

No one is immune to love. One moment you’re going about your business, the next one you’re in love. It happens to escorts too. Strangely, you sometimes don’t immediately realize you’re developing feelings for a prospect. The aforementioned signs should give you a hint. Be brave and bold enough to ask that prospect out. You never know. The feeling could be mutual.

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