6 Effortless Yet Sexy Compliments You Should Try On Your Favourite Escort


6 Effortless Yet Sexy Compliments You Should Try On Your Favourite Escort

6 Effortless Yet Sexy Compliments You Should Try On Your Favourite Escort

6 Effortless Yet Sexy Compliments You Should Try On Your Favourite Escort

Sexy Compliments For London Escorts

London is replete with escorts from all walks of life. Tall, short, dark, light, liberal, conservatives…. the list goes on and on. They abound in the English capital in thousands yet somehow somewhat, you’ve only managed to stick by one. It happened by chance. A friend suggested Amy’s Escorts London– an escort agency you had heard about but didn’t really think much of. You reluctantly agreed to hire an escort of the agency’s site. You didn’t have nothing to lose. On one hand, she’d offer you great company for the weekend. On the other hand, she’d only be around for an hour or two.

So you paid for the fees. You liked the fact that everything was discreet. The site and everyone who attended to you were professionals. You agreed on a venue with your escort and paid for everything – it wasn’t so expensive after all. 10 minutes into your date and you knew for sure you’d be seeing the escort again and again. She was class and beautiful too. She was also witty and easy to talk to. You forgot for a moment that you’re actually a shy guy. The whole time you sat down to talk felt like an actual date. Had she not pointed out that you had booked a room in the same hotel for some adult fun, you probably would’ve forgotten about it.

Then the sex happened. Boy, oh boy! She wasn’t anything you had ever imagined. She was phenomenal. Even her moaning stood out as magnificent yet sexy. She touched you in all the right places, blew your joy stick with ease and yeah, cuddled with you. Just like that, you found yourself an escort you’d always call when lonely. What started out as joke quickly ended up as something serious. You now see each other every month.

Here’s the thing. You don’t want to try out anything serious. It’s all about escorting. She likes it and you liked it too. You can’t help but notice though that she’s a class act. You sexcapades to go on only that you want to make her feel special each time you meet. Sounds somewhat complex but like you’re about to find out, it’s simpler than you think. Simply try out the following compliments…

1. You’re Funny

Not so many escorts in London are funny. As strange as it may sound, it is true. But why in the first place do you need your escort to be funny? The answer is simple. A good sense of humour always a goes a long way to create and maintain chemistry. It lightens up an awkwardly tense date too. So yeah, if you’re meeting an escort for the first time and you notice she had a good sense of humour, compliment her.

Note that so many men are pre-occupied with the notion that they should always be the funny ones. Here’s the thing with humour – it can go either way. Also, if you’re not funny you’re not funny. Trying too hard will only make you look and sound like a clown, a feat that doesn’t ever end well.

You don’t have to actually expressly tell her that she’s funny. Sure, you could because there’s no problem with being straightforward. A good way to re-affirm that compliment would be to actually laugh at her jokes. You can also respond with laugh emojis if you’re chatting online. Actual words like ‘You’re cracking me up’ or ‘Your hilarious’ are also good ideas.

2. I’ve Learnt So Much

London is without a doubt one of the largest cities on earth. Even if you’re a native Londoner, there’s still a lot you’ll learn about the city each year. Now here’s one crazy fact. London escorts understand the city more than non-escorts. This applies even for enclaves like West London where many escorts pitch their tent. So yeah, you can learn a lot from West London escorts about London than from many tour guides. This is especially the case with the city’s night life and her best joints for fun.

If you meet with your at different date venues often, you’ll quickly notice that you can learn a lot not just about the city but also about life in general. This isn’t an everyday perk so be quick to show your gratitude.

Ultimately, everyone brings something unique to the table. You’ll be surprised that your date will also have a lot to say about what she has learnt from you. Remember that you can do this with not just your regular escort but even one you’ve just met. As long as you’re having a good time and you’re learning new stuff, then sure, give credit where it’s due.

Then there are of course bedroom matters you’ll learn from your escort. This is interesting so by all means take note. There are things you’d never do with your girlfriend or even request especially when you’re having sex. It could be anal sex, role plays or even sex positions. Many escorts are liberals and will freely take you through new stuff you don’t know much about or have never tried before. Be quick to note that you’re not just learning new stuff but also having fun.

3. You Have Incredible Hair, Eyes, Lips

Telling a lady that she’s gorgeous is by all means a good move. It is a cliché though that many of them are used to. You may mean it and it may come from deep within. Many escorts hear it every day though. To them, the compliment is generic. The best you can do is take your compliment a notch higher by highlighting something specific.

You can for instance, point out that you like how she ties her hair in pony tail. Mention too that the style makes her look innocent yet sexy or naught in a good way. If she has sexy full lips, mention that you find her lips sexy. You can in fact, get a little naughty and hint that you can’t wait to kiss her. The more specific you are with your compliments the better.

4. I Like How You Always Keep Time

If you’ve gone on date with an escort before, then you know for a fact that some London escorts can keep you waiting. It happens sometimes because of traffic or something inadvertent. Many escorts make up for it by adding some extra minutes to your date. It so happens though that there are escorts who are always on time. They say they’ll show up at your house at 2pm and they show up at exactly 2pm. Now, that’s a rare breed. Point that out. It takes some effort for an escort to constantly show up dates on time without fail. It actually means they put some effort and had you in mind. They have to shower, wear makeup, hail a cab and still make it to the agreed venue on time. Let her know that you appreciate her efforts to always keep time. If possible, tip her.

5. You Always Look Amazing

Admit it. You liked her because she looked sexy. There were hundreds of other escorts in London with their profile pictures plastered all over the agency’s website. Out of the many, you chose this one – the one you now want to meet up with every other weekend. She looked nice. Ever since she’s always showed up for your dates looking nice.

You’ve always noticed that her outfits are unique. She’s so good at picking them that you have no doubt she’d make it as a fashion designer if she gave it a try. Well, don’t let what you’ve noticed go unspoken. Voice out your compliment and let her know she always looks awesome.

It’ll surprise how much you’ll learn from such a simple compliment. It’ll open up minutes may be even hours of fashion talk. You’ll end up having a good time and who knows? The next time you book her off Amy’s she could offer you a good discount.

Notably, many women who are good with their outfits are also good when it comes to men’s fashion. So yeah, you never know. She could very well end up advising you on how to pick outfits. She could up your game just like that. Give it a try. You’ll end up looking good and at the same time, have fun.

6. I Like Spending Time with You

Escorts spend lots of their time with other people. It is what their job is all about – entertaining their clients. Strangely, they hardly ever hear their regular clients compliment them for the good time they make them have. You can’t blame such clients. They withhold gratitude mostly because they feel like they don’t have to speak them out because they’re after all, paying for escort services.

You can be different. Sure enough you’re paying. Remember though that it takes a good person at heart to spend their time with you and make you feel happy around them. It is some sort of sacrifice and to some extent, a risk. It could have been a long week or month for you. You could be on the verge of giving up. An escort shows up, lightens up your moods and gives you the psyche to work even harder. Now that’s not something that happens every day. Let her know you appreciate her being there and that you like spending time with her. It’ll make her day. Ultimately, you’ll also become her favourite client.

Wrap Up

You don’t have to spend so much on an escort in a bid to make her happy or feel appreciated. Like you may have already noticed, complimenting her alone can go a long way to boost her morale and confidence. So yeah, compliment her as often as you can. Then while at it, be honest with your compliments.

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