Top 7 Sex Positions To Try With West London Escorts


Top 7 Sex Positions To Try With West London Escorts

Top 7 Sex Positions To Try With West London Escorts

Top 7 Sex Positions To Try With West London Escorts

Sex Positions To Try With West London Escorts

You know your sex bucket list more than anyone else on the planet. You know the things you want to try. The sex positions that make blow your mind. You know it all. You just don’t know if and when you’ll ever try them. Well…it turns out you can try whichever sex position you dream of every other night…and yes, you guessed it right – escorts.

If you’re in a huge city like London, then you already know for a fact that escorts are all over. You just have to be keen enough not to end up with horrible ones. One way to ensure that never happens is to only hire escorts from reputable agencies like Amy’s. Before then though, come up with a list of all the crazy sex positions you want to try. By the time you keep in touch with an agency looking for a model, you should be able to explain to the model you wish to go out with what’s on your mind. This should be hard solely because London escorts, especially West London escorts have seen it all. Whatever you have mind may sound crazy to you but certainly not to them.

Note that as much as you can try almost anything with an escort in London, respect is and will always remain paramount. That is, respect your date. Consent too is yet another factor you should always keep in mind. That said and done, try out the following sex positions with your desired West London escorts.

Stand And Deliver

Sex Veterans like to call it The Bicycle Position – no one knows why. You’ll like it mainly because you can have a clear view of your penis thrusting her honey pot. She on the other hand will like it because of the clitoral stimulation the position guarantees. So yeah, it’s win – win position for your and date. Many London escorts enjoy it so you don’t really have to explain too much here.

It is a simple position. Stand at the edge of a desk or bed. Have your partner lie on her back and raise her legs to your chest. Ensure the legs rest lightly on your shoulders while her knees remain slightly bent like they’re cycling. That way, you can grab her ankles and penetrate. Be sure to thrust gently as deep penetration in this position could be somewhat painful.

To make the most of the position, urge your partner to play with her clitoris. She can also psyche up your penetration by flexing her thighs.

Face Off

It is also known as the Lap Dance. If you’re into face to face intimacy, then this is the position you should always go for. It is also ideal for those who are into long intimate session.

Sit on the edge of your bed or on a chair. Have your partner sit on you as your face each other. She should be able to wrap her hands around your back. Once she’s in a saddle position, have her ride on your penis up and down. She can be as gentle as she likes or rough – anything goes here. You can assist her go faster and rougher by grabbing her ass, lifting her a little and bouncing her up and down.

The position guarantees lots of room for creativity. You can stimulate her erogenous zones as much as you want. If she likes to have her nipples licked or rubbed gently, go for it.

Happy Baby

No, it is not a baby making position. You can however try it whenever you’re ready to procreate. Either way, it is one of the most ideal positions for both vaginal and anal penetration. It also guarantees mind-blowing g-spot stimulation. It doesn’t end there. If the receiver complains of back pain, this position stands out as ideal.

Let your escort lie on her back. Have her bend her knees into her chest. She should then grip the outer edges of her feet and roll side to side just like a happy baby does. Instead of rolling around though, she should stay put to allow you to penetrate and enter her from a kneeling position.

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Standing Ovation

Standing ovation or standing O is all about cunnilingus. G-spot stimulation, rubbing and clit sucking are all good candidates for this position.

Your partner should stand upright while you stay on your knees. She should the drape one of her legs around your shoulder as you eat her out.

To make the most of this position, have her hands right above your head. Use BDSM restraints to achieve this. No problem if your partner isn’t into BDSM restraints. Find a beam or an anchored bar for your partner to grasp.

The Little Dipper

Ever heard of a sex position that makes clitoral stimulation possible with both your fingers and the mouth. This is it. This is the one. And it is easy.

The partner on top must use either couch, chair or bed to hoist themselves gently over their partner. The bottom party then slides his penis into the anus or vagina. All the party on top has to do is move up and down as the penis slides in and out of the honeypot.


You already know about this. Chances are, you lost your virginity thanks to the missionary position. Your partner lies on her back with her legs slightly stretched apart to allow penetration. The rest is easy. Pump gently until your partner is all wet and aroused. You can be as gentle as you like or as rough as you both deem fit. Either way, the position guarantees a good experience for the parties involved.

Doggy Position

Also known as the Bend Over, it is without a doubt as popular as the missionary position. Your partner bends over and your penetrate her from behind. It works well for quickies so yeah, try it the next time your London escort shows up at your office.

Wrap Up

There are so many sex positions. It doesn’t matter how great you are at sex. You can’t pull them all off at once. Your best bet is to learn new positions every now and then. Be teachable too. Many escorts London hardly ever mind teaching their clients new stuff, so ask for free lessons whenever you can. Lastly, stick to the best escorts agency London you can find when looking for escorts.

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