Our Model of the Week – The Naughty Nymph Olivia


Your wish has come true! As always, we’re looking at giving you a brand-new experience, and for that, we’re nominating the busty bombshell Olivia as our model of the week. You can become a patron of her services while paying a reduced rate of £120/ hour, a fantastic price for a girl that holds pride of place among all of the 120 escorts London! Olivia is one of the top West London escorts that you can get, and she always has got a long waiting time!

She has got a lovely body, and her cleavage is to die for! You’ll want to rest your head in her bosom as she whispers naughty things into your ears. This beautiful West London escorts will break all the existing stereotypes you might have about DK-blondes. She is one hell of a charming girl, and making conversation with her is an absolute pleasure. When you meet this one, you’ll find yourself drowning in her green eyes!

She’s got a real wild streak about her, this one! Whatever you have in mind, she’s game! So get those cuffs ready, and get ready to get on the joyride, one that you’ll never want to get off, in the literal sense of the word! We advise you to book her services for a long duration as you will need all the time in the world and more to explore the sleazy side of this extravagantly erotic woman! While enjoying her sensual services, you do not need to worry about your privacy or your security, as we’re very particular about these aspects.

Go on, give her a call on her private line at 074 5959 0674 !

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