Options For Romantic Liaisons In London: Part-2


Options For Romantic Liaisons In London: Part-2

Options For Romantic Liaisons In London: Part-2

Options For Romantic Liaisons In London: Part-2

As the coronavirus crisis finally seems to be coming under control in the UK and the world, all of us are looking forward to resuming our regular activities. It’s been so hard to remain cooped up in our homes, but that has been what we’ve needed to do, and we’ve done it! One of the foremost among these activities is spending time with the people of the opposite sex. People were not able to romantically indulge themselves at all in the lockdown. There are millions of people in the city with pent-up sexual urges, and they are waiting for the lockdown to ease. When the city opens for action again, it is these people that will need to let off a lot of steam, without ignoring the precautions of social distancing, of course. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and we in the UK will recover fast, just as the Chinese did! So, our series of posts on the preferred spots for romancing a companion in London assumes significance now. In our first post on this topic, we covered Hyde Park and the lovely London Eye. So, without first ado, let’s go ahead and explore some more of the top romantic places in London. As always, if you do not have that special someone to take to one of these places, then you can always come over to our booking page and choose one of the top West London escorts.

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Wilton’s Music Hall

This city has always had a lot to offer for a classy gentleman, though none of these places is as sophisticated as Wilton’s Music Hall. This beautiful place is one of the oldest acoustic centres of the world, and great for a romantic evening with the lady of your choice. As soon as you are in its neighbourhood, you will feel transported back into the London of the 1800s. It’s quite a miracle that this place has been able to survive two world wars, and wears the scars of history as a matter of pride. It was renovated in 2015 and now has all the bells and whistles that a modern-day theatre must possess. But, the renovators were careful enough to retain its old-world charm, that gives the hall such a romantic air that your heart will flutter when you enter. There’s a lot that goes on here, including plays, music performances, and cabaret shows, so it can be said that this location caters to almost all tastes. Our recommendation would be to watch an opera show if you really want to romance a girl here, as those are bound to get both of you emotional. Then, you can lend her a shoulder on which she can rest her head and give her the reassurance that she’s in the company of a thorough gentleman. But that’s not all, there’s a lovely bar downstairs, where you can enjoy a quiet drink while you have a discussion on the arts with your partner. In the evening, the bar and the Grace Alley outside look stunning in the lamplight! All in all, this is one of the top choices for an evening full of love in London.

Primrose Hill

When you take a woman to a place blessed by the bounties of mother nature, you will be able to easily share your feelings with her. Most of us have learned this from the musings of the romantic bards in the English language. London is a bustling city, but it does have its fair share of parks and greenery to help you recharge your batteries. However, if we were to choose the top romantic spot in London that gives you those natural vibes, then it would be Primrose Hill. This place reminds you of the British countryside, which has been praised by poets and authors of this country. It is one of the only vantage points in this city, where you can peacefully admire its architecture while sitting with a companion. If you are taking out a girl for the first time, then this is the place where you up your dating game and go for the first kiss. If she agrees, and there’s quite a high probability of that, then you can safely assume that you’re about to have a lotta fun soon. Again, if, for some reason, you cannot find a girl to accompany you here, there’s no need to be sad. As always, the escorts of London can come to your rescue and provide you with an authentic girlfriend experience that you are not likely to forget in a while.

Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club

There are very few people in this world immune from the charms of jazz music. There’s something in its rhythm that makes you want to take your woman in your arms and sway with the beats. So, if you’re in the mood for jazzing up your evening, then there’s only one place that you should think of heading to, and that’s Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club. This club is one of the oldest locations where you can hear live jazz music, and it has been in operation since 1959. The who’s who of this genre have played at this club. If you’re lucky and book in advance, you can get tickets to one of the best bands in the world, as they make their regular pilgrimage to the mecca of jazz music. As with all the locations we choose, there are plenty of options for food and drink here, while you immerse yourself in the music. You should take one of the young escorts London here, and show the girl what class and substance are all about! There’s no doubt in our mind that after a session of the most sensual music in the world, you’re bound to get lucky!

So, we conclude this post of our choice of the places in this grand old city, where you can take your girl, and show her your love! Stay tuned for more!

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