Alexandra – From Russia, With a Whole Lotta Love!

Alexandra 2

We’ve got a great response from all of you for our ‘Model of the Week’ promotion. Through this promotion, we at Amy’s Escorts London are trying to curate a selection of some of the hottest escorts in London, and giving you an exciting new flavour to savour every week. We value our patrons, and we want to continually upgrade our services to provide you the best escort experience in London.

This time, our ‘Model of the Week’ is the coquettish Alexandra, and she will set your minds and hearts on fire!  Originally from Russia, she’s taken to London and its varied thrills with aplomb. Due to her expertise in the art of seduction, she has become one of the top West London escorts. There is something in her eyes that will make the tiger inside you roar; you will feel the urge to take control and make her your girl! If she continues to weave her erotic magic wand over this city, she is sure to become one of the top names in the business.

All this week, we’re offering a promotional discount of £10 on her hourly incall rate for the first hour that you spend with her, giving you a fantastic chance to build a bond. Think of the places that you could take her, and the things that you could do to her! Spend some time in getting to know her and find out what she likes. Then indulge her and pander to all of her whims, so that she takes you to another dimension of pleasure. When she’s happy, she will let you explore all the secrets that her beautiful body holds!

Alexandra is unlike any other woman you’ve ever been with before, and once you’ve had the chance to be with her, you’ll be sad to let her go. So, we advise you to call on her number 793-042-5250 and book her services or visit the bookings page on our website!


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