Meeting Two Escorts In A Row? Here’s How To Stay Psyched Up And Energized


Meeting Two Escorts In A Row? Here’s How To Stay Psyched Up And Energized

Meeting Two Escorts In A Row? Here’s How To Stay Psyched Up And Energized

Meeting Two Escorts In A Row? Here’s How To Stay Psyched Up And Energized

Meeting Two Escorts In A Row

It’s gonna be a long weekend – one you’ve always looked forward to enjoying. You’re in London for the first time ever. You’ve seen it all though, ticked off quite a number of things on your bucket list. Only one thing remains – an experience with young escorts of London.

The kind of experience you’re looking for is somewhat unique. You’re very particular about what you want – Brazilian escorts between the ages of 25 and 30. It doesn’t end there. You also want an experience with busty escorts. You don’t mind latina and other exotic escorts though. It’s Friday and yeah, you’ve already made reservations somewhere for your escapades. You’ll be ‘busy’ from Friday through Monday. You’ll meet at least 3 different models over the weekend. That’s not bad. There’s a problem though. One you may not have thought about yet – where will you get the energy for your escapades? You’re about to find out. Read on….

Get Some Rest

This is very important. Rest before your ‘big day’. Take this even more seriously if you’re already 40 and beyond. You’ll meet young escorts, full of energy. Chances are, you’ll not match their energy unless you’re extremely fit. You only have one option here. Rest as much as you can.

Note that escorts in London, especially West London escorts offer extended services. This could mean you’ll be spending the night with an escort. This creates a challenge if you’re planning to meet a different escort the next day. You’ll most likely wake up exhausted. The solution is simple. Meet your first escort early. That way, you’ll still spend the night with her but still sleep early. Alternatively, you can meet her early, stay up till 10 or 11pm and release her. You then have the rest of the night to yourself to rest.

Eat Well

This is a no brainer. Unfortunately though, many people disregard it. The consequences are as you may have already guessed – dire. You’ll get laid, no doubt. That’s if you pay for escort services that include ‘extras’ or ‘happy ending’. To that extent, you need to stay energized. The easiest way to store up some energy is to eat well. This shouldn’t be a problem if you’re in London. The city is awash with so many eateries. You can also order some room service.

Be sure to go online, read a thing or two about the most ideal meals to eat before getting laid. On the same vein, avoid extremely spicy foods especially if you’ll be engaging in anything oral.


Dehydration will without a doubt take a toll on your sex drive. It’ll also hamper your general health. Note that you shouldn’t just hydrate before and during ‘adult activities’. Make it a habit. You know what health experts say. 8 to 10 glasses a day is ideal.

Be Moderate On Alcohol

Much has been said and written about alcohol. When all is said and done though, alcohol really isn’t as bad it is often painted. If you can do away with alcohol, good for you. If you can’t, then by all means, be moderate.

Alcohol will most likely affect your performance for worse. It is also worth noting that your date may find it uncomfortable to offer services the moment they smell alcohol in your breath. In many cases, escorts London don’t really mind alcohol if they’re consuming it with their client. If you’re in doubt, ask before you meet your escort.

Then there is of course, the hangover issue. You’ll most likely have a hard time enjoying your subsequent dates after the first date once you wake up hangover. Chances are, you’ll be forced to cancel your date. This is exactly why you should, if possible, stay sober throughout all dates.

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Manage Your Expectations

Things happen. You can meet an escort online, chat, have some chemistry and pretty much agree on everything. You meet your date in person and she’s just not who you expected.  This is why you should always choose a reputable escorts agency London. With a reputable agency, what you’ll see on the company profile is exactly what you’ll see when you meet in person – that’s professionalism and transparency wrapped inside the same box.

Be Creative

Keep things interesting for your dates. You’ll love the fact that with escorts London, particularly young escorts, nothing is off limits. You can pretty much enjoy everything within the confines of consent. In simple words, let your escort know beforehand the kind of services you expect.

Now here’s the thing with being creative. You stand out as interesting. The internet is a rich minefield of ideas you can steal. Try different positions, try different things and where possible, try costumes.

You’ll notice that nearly all escorts you’ll chat with have comprehensive and detailed profiles online. Always for liberals and open-minded escorts. That way, you can almost always be certain that you’ll have a good time, trying out new ideas.


Exhaustion will kick in at some point. You may also feel like you need to slow down. Your partner on the other hand may not be aware that you’re exhausted or that you need to slow down. Your best bet here? You guessed it right – communicate. The most important thing here is to be in sync with each other. Once you ace that part, you can go on and one as you rest where you both need to. Carry on and rest again…repeat the cycle until you’re both gassed out and fully satisfied.

Timing Factor

When do you want to have your date? Timing is important because of unknown to many people, escorts have peak hours when they’re booked back to back. Book her during peak hours and she’ll certainly show up tired and a little bit unmotivated. This will of course, make it hard for you to enjoy her company and services in general. To avoid that, find out when escorts are least likely booked then make your booking. Early morning to mid-afternoons stand out as ideal off peak hours to book an escort in London.

Wrap Up

There’s so much you can do with escorts London. They’re fun, open minded, easy to get along with and of course, sexy. Like you may have already figured out by now though, going out with an escort calls for energy. The aforementioned tips can go a long way to help you stay energized each time you go out with an escort in London.

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