Impression And Why It Matters When Meeting An Escort For The First Time


Impression And Why It Matters When Meeting An Escort For The First Time

Impression And Why It Matters When Meeting An Escort For The First Time

Impression And Why It Matters When Meeting An Escort For The First Time

Meeting An Escort For The First Time

Impression is a primal instinct. As strange as it may sound, it is! Think about it this way. Humans react spontaneously to what they see, touch, hear or smell. They can’t help it because it is a biological function. It all boils down to how the brain is wired. Now set aside the complex biological terms and relate the instinct to something you’re familiar with – dates. You’ll most likely put your best foot forward when going out on a date. You’ll groom well, smell nice and smile more. Why do you do this? You already know why – you want to create an impression that you’re the ultimate mate. The last thing you want your prospect to see is the bad side of you.

Fast forward and bring an escort into the picture. With the many escorts London thanks to top tier agencies like Amy’s Escorts, is it really necessary to create a nice impression on a first date? The answer is a big yes. Create a bad impression and you can be certain your desired escort will turn you down on the spot. Create a good one and you instantly become a favourite. It is really, that simple. But why and how exactly is a good first impression such a big deal? Read on to learn more.

The Meeting Place

If you’ve had an escort experience before, then you’re already familiar with the terms ‘in-call’ and ‘outcall’. Incall simply refers to when you go to a venue the escort chooses. More often than not, the venue is either her apartment or if she works with an agency, a guest house paid for by the agency the escort works with. Outcall on the other hand refers to when the escort comes to your desired venue. You simply choose or rather agree on a venue as well as the time and she shows up as you had agreed. Now impression works both ways whether you opt for in-call or outcall. You must be particularly keen on the following factors.


There’s a wide misconception that when you’re meeting an escort, you really don’t have anything to lose. That’s a bad attitude. It is misconception because you have a lot to lose. First off, you’re meeting a prospect – potential partner so to speak. As far-fetched as it may sound, you could fall in love with an escort. This is especially the case where you’re meeting an escort for the girlfriend experience arrangements.

Note that nearly all escorts in London offer the ‘girlfriend experience’ services. For those not in the loop, the girlfriend experience is where you hire an escort for a night or even for days to ‘pose’ as your girlfriend. It is all about having her around you as you go about business meetings or even parties. Think of it as a form of ‘paid companionship’ for her. She could be with you for as much as two or three days. In some cases, she could be with you for a whole week. Any hint from your side that you’re not good company could see her change her mind very fast. Now to create an impression that you’re great company, start by grooming like a gentleman.

You don’t have to show up for your first date in a tuxedo or a tie. Grooming is all about decency. You could very well choose to show up in a buttoned up polo, clean jeans and a hoodie for a casual dinner date. You could on the other hand, choose to show up in a suit. Be sure to smell nice too. From then on, other factors like your conversational and social skills come into the picture.

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Personal Hygiene

This is a huge factor especially if you’ll be hosting the escort. Notably, personal hygiene goes beyond taking a shower. Imagine the escort excusing herself for a bathroom break only to find pee all over the toilet seat. Picture yourself too as the escort with a date leaning over to kiss you with a stinking month. All these examples may sound extreme but as many escorts of London will tell you, they do happen. The point here is simple – be clean.

Take time to put your things in order before your date shows up. Shave your armpits, trim your beards or simply keep them clean. Remember your beddings too. You could have everything clean and organized and forget about where the lovemaking will take place – the bed. Make sure the sheets are clean at least 24 hours before she shows up. Remember the towels too. Your date will most likely want to clean up after making out. She shouldn’t struggle with what she’ll use. Have clean towels in the bathroom for her and yourself too to clean up.


Watch what comes out of your mouth when you’re meeting an escort for the first time. An escort could very well be drawn to dirty talking. She may not mind it so to speak. You wouldn’t know this though until you meet for the first date. Take time to observe each other. Create a rapport too. It won’t take you long before you figure out how she likes to be engaged.

There are words you should never use under any circumstance when meeting with an escort. Words like ‘slut’ ‘whore’ or ‘cunt’ should never come out of your mouth. Note that use of some words are actually criminal. The last thing you want is to have a date end with you in handcuffs.

Table Manners

There’s much more that goes into table manners than just eating with your mouth closed. Remember the date is not all about eating. It is actually all about striking a good rapport with your date. You’ll be juggling between two things – enjoying the meal and getting to know your date. As this happens, there are cues your date picks – cues that can go a long way to help you strike a good first impression.

First off, be very careful where alcohol is part of the meal you’ll share for your date. Don’t imbibe too much. Drink a little too much and you’ll most likely end up saying things you’ll regret the next day.

Then there’s the phone issue. It is important for your date to feel your company. Your phone can have her feel like she’s secondary. In that regard, put your phone on silent mode. That way, you can easily ignore calls that aren’t urgent. In the event that you really feel you should pick a phone call or respond to a chat, excuse yourself first then make the phone call very short.

Bills and Tipping

The rules on who should pay the bill and tipping change when it comes to escorts. The rule is simple – you pay. You’re the one who needs the service remember. This can only mean one thing for you – you also get to choose the venue for the date. Consider that an advantage because you’ll have ample to time to sample the menu or book a table in advance. That way, you won’t be surprised when the bill comes.

Then there’s tipping. If the service is good, tip. Make no mistake though. Tipping here isn’t limited to the dinner. In many cases, things escalate. You go out on a date with an escort, you like each other’s company so much, you can’t wait to hold each other. Ultimately, you book a room for two. One things lead to another and what started out as a formal evening date ends up being a night of lovemaking. Now, she’s offered you a service. You agreed on the rates and everything turned out just fine – in fact, better than you expected. The only sane thing to do here is to tip her. It doesn’t have to be much remember. The whole essence of tipping is actually a way of saying that the service you were offered was great. It’s all about appreciation.

Asking First

Young escorts London always guarantee fun. Got a fantasy you want to fulfill? Simple – call model escorts London. They’re always fun, liberal and willing to try out new things. Make no mistake though. For each fantasy you crave for comes along consent. In simple words, never assume that just because she’s an escort, she’s ready for anything. One good example is anal sex. Many escorts in London now offer anal sex. It can therefore be easy for one to assume that anal sex is the norm in the English capital. That is not the case though. Before assuming it is the no

Wrap Up

First impression matters more than you can ever imagine. This is especially the case where you’re meeting someone you intend to get intimate with. Strike a good first impression and you can start off on a warm, friendly note. You can then always look forward to seeing each other. Fortunately, striking that good first impression isn’t rocket science as you may have already noticed. It’s all about putting your best foot forward. Remember to smile too! Good luck!

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