Starting Late, Doing Great: A Mature Escort & Her Experience


Starting Late, Doing Great: A Mature Escort & Her Experience

Starting Late, Doing Great: A Mature Escort & Her Experience

Starting Late, Doing Great: A Mature Escort & Her Experience

She looks awesome, she is young and lives in London, couldn’t be better! So many opportunities in this city… She probably had her idea for the ideal life, but something changed along the way. Okay, for many of us, terms of working from nine to five just don’t work. Some of us feel trapped in these conditions.

The sex industry has become highly organised and every detail seems to be taken care of. It involves business women who want to earn money and above all, have a lot of fun. But, what is the main reason that makes a young woman become an escort?

What Is The Deal With This Job?

Some of the reasons include the large amount of money these women are attracted to. They can earn it fast! Some of them use it to pay for their University education and tend to get out of the business once they’ve earned the amount they need. Most use it as a stepping stone to something else, not a career. Sometimes, changes in life circumstances lead women to get into the industry.

In the past, it was something that young and good looking girls did. Now, things are different. No, you don’t have to be young and look like a red carpet diva to work as an escort. This kind of work does not have a “use by” the date that most of us assume it does. Women could keep working as long as they want – even after retirement!

A Heart-Broken Party Girl

Galina, 50, is a Russian woman who started working five years ago. She came to London with her family as a young girl. After losing her virginity at the age of 14, she became a real party girl. She started visiting the most popular clubs in London, got to know many different people. Always good looking, she had all the attention.

When she was at college, she met her soul mate. He was the love of her life. They spent two decades together, but they were not able to have children. When he left, she was devastated. Many things have crossed her mind.

After a guy in the bar offered her money to go to his hotel room, she had to make a decision. And then it all started. She was seeing him regularly, and although she didn’t like him, they had a great time together. The sex was fabulous, and they always had a lot to chat about.

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And So It Begins!

Weeks after that, she started receiving phone calls from his colleagues and started meeting them at expensive hotels. She had her customers and was very satisfied with the life she was living. There were no boundaries for her.

The first couple of months she was working non-stop, just wanted her clients to know that she is reachable at any time. Always good looking, and with a perfect body at the age of 45, she knew that her new career can only get better.

A New Member Of The Agency, Ready To Show Her Best

She became friends with several women who had also been working as escorts and they have convinced her to join an agency. Now, the agency arranged meetings, and her job was just to show up and do her best. It was liberating, fun, and short after joining, she became one of the top-rated women of her age and that brought a lot of money.

A mature woman was more experienced and sometimes is more respected among clients. Also, a mature woman has more sexual confidence, knows what she wants in the bedroom and how to make her clients happy. And there is nothing more attractive than that!

Her first client was still seeing her. He would leave work at dinner time, book a hotel room and they would have their amazing sex, she would receive a good tip and then leave. Simple as that. When she realized that their relationship was becoming more than professional, she started avoiding his calls.

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From A Small Town Russian Girl To The Most Wanted Mature Escort In London

Galina became obsessed with money, and the desire to earn more. She started attracting wealthy old men that contacted the agency. Soon, they had their favourite. Roleplay was something that she enjoyed, and she was full of new ideas on how to blow her clients’ minds. Soon, not only older men were interested in her.

Luxury hotels, expensive champagne and dinners became hereveryday life. Living in a beautiful apartment, having her rich social life with brunches and shopping with the girls, Galina had no intention to quit. And why would she? Being attractive, single and rich in London in her fifties, is a great advantage if you look at how it all started.

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Mature Escorts Are An In-Demand Category

Clients confessed that one of the reasons they fall for older women is because they can be more playful and relaxed. They also say that they think that they can learn a lot from that “relationship”. Women of a certain age know more about life, and they are open to sharing it!

It was never this easy to book an escort. In every agency, hundreds of beautiful mature escorts are waiting to please new clients. So if you are looking for a high-class companion somewhere in London, you’ll be able to find mature escorts everywhere you look.

Every single mature escort you call can guarantee you discretion and comfort. These escorts are educated and able to talk about a wide range of subjects. Always playful, passionate and ready to make sure you never get bored!

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