Why Masturbate When You Can Hire London Escorts


Why Masturbate When You Can Hire London Escorts

Why Masturbate When You Can Hire London Escorts

Why Masturbate When You Can Hire London Escorts

Why Masturbate When You Can Hire London Escorts

You’ve done it before – admit it. You know, the awkward months following a break up or when your ever reliable booty call suddenly goes cold on you. Before you know it, your once active sex life becomes bland. You suck and sulk. Your friends notice it but you’re in denial. Then out of the blue, you go back to the time tested and proven boyhood solution – beating the meat. You wank off your joystick so hard it turns pink.

Chances are, you’ll be at it later on in the evening. But, tarry for a second. You’re in London. One of the world’s most respected cities, famed for her history and wealth. That’s not all though. She’s also known for the beautiful women that call her home. Notably, some of the most beautiful women in London are just a phone call away. You already know the drill here…escorts!

Talk of west London escorts and you immediately conjure fantasies of nights drenched in inexplicable passion. Those who’ve had the experience hardly ever get enough words to describe the feeling. This is strange because not so long ago, London escorts hadn’t made a name for themselves as the ultimate European escorts. Paris and Madrid stood out as the enclave everyone wanted to hide in when it came to matters escorts. But things changed…and yeah, you have no business wanking when you can have a sexy London escort by your side in less than an hour. Why wank when escorts in the English capital come along with the following perks?

Freedom To Explore

How well do you know yourself sexually? It is easy to assume you know yourself inside out. You’re only kidding yourself. It takes a night or two with an escort to discover things you never knew about yourself – feelings you can live to remember. You then wonder how and why your girlfriend never made you feel that way. Well, it is easy to explain.

With London escorts, you get to have sex with as much liberalism as possible. In simple words, no one judges you. You want to know how anal sex feels like? Just look for an A-level escort. You want to know how it feels to enjoy threesome sex? It’s simple – look for an export. There are no rules once you’re together. You only need to respect consent and you’re good to go.

Back to jerking off, you do enjoy the whole exercise. But for how long? You’re done in less than two minutes. You then go back to the misery that lonely life is. You don’t get to converse with anyone, moaning and explaining how you like it.

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They Don’t Judge

It happens – you jerk off then end up feeling empty and horrible. You can’t understand why and it bothers you. It could be because of religious or personal reasons – either way, you just don’t like the feeling after jerking yourself. It happens to everyone, you’re not alone. Strangely, it happens because you’re judging yourself. You’ve set extremely high moral standards for yourself. It gets even worse with the fact that you can’t talk to your friends about it.

Frustrated and sex starved, you try going out with a West London escort. What you thought would be an underwhelming experience ends up being one of the most refreshing encounters with an escort. You like the fact that it’s all about having a good time. She doesn’t ask why you do what you do. She doesn’t’ even bother to ask your surname. All she cares is the good time you’re about to have. She just doesn’t judge you.

Sex Anytime Anywhere

This is huge. Men love sex. That’s just how they are wired. Give a man enough sex and he’s happy. No questions asked. That explains why you see escorts agency London all over the city. It so happens though that the modern man doesn’t get laid as often as his ancestral counterparts did. Life has simply taken a toll on humans with work and bills always in the offing. This makes dating harder and somewhat impossible in many modern cities like London. That’s exactly where agencies like Amy’s come into the picture.

You don’t have to travel miles or wait for hours for your date to arrive. As already mentioned, she’s a phone call away. That can only mean one thing for you – sex with a sexy model anytime, anywhere. You don’t get to enjoy such perks everyday so yeah, grab it as soon as it comes your way. It gets better if you want to get out of the city for sexcapades. With escorts London, anything goes. It all boils down to the kind of escort services you pay for.


Forget about sex for a second. Humans are social beings. They need other humans so as to have a good time. It doesn’t matter how introverted one is – they’ll always need someone by their side every once in a while. It so happens that escorts are actually good at companionship. This actually makes sense if you pause to consider how lonely London is sometimes.

…in a city where everyone minds their business, it makes sense to pause for a while, catch your breath and exhale. This always feels much better with a sexy lass by your side. You already know where to get such a lass.

One Time Fling – No Strings Attached

You’re at that stage finally. You don’t want to date. You don’t want anything serious. All you want to do is focus on your work and get laid every once in a while. You know for sure that you can get laid but then again, how sure are you that your date will be as fine as you had pictured her? Your best bet is to hire from leading and respected agencies like Amy’s. That way, you get to choose your date in advance. You have a picture of what she looks like. She then shows up and it’s straight to business. No small talk, no chit chats and yeah, no flirting. Well, that’s one upside you never get to experience anywhere.

Wrap Up

Much has been said and written about London escorts. When all is said and done though, they stand out as some of the sexiest escorts you’ll ever come across in London. You may not fully understand the role they play until you go out with one. You then quickly learn that beating your meat may feel good. Going out with an escort though feels much better.

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