Making Merry In Mayfair


Making Merry In Mayfair

Making Merry In Mayfair

Making Merry In Mayfair

When you talk about London’s top lifestyle destinations, the conversation would be incomplete if you did not mention Mayfair. We’ve been covering many boroughs of West London in our posts, so we can’t overlook the charms of this location, can we? The name of Mayfair is synonymous with fashion and style. Every fashionista in the world hopes to spend time here drooling over the latest that the world of fashion has to offer. This place could also be labeled as the cultural hub of London with the likes of George Handel and rock-n-roll sensation Jimi Hendrix, making it their home.

Mayfair is also one of the most exclusive localities in London. One can see that from the number of luxury automobiles parked casually in the vicinity. The per-capita presence of Rolls Royce and Bentleys in this district would probably be the highest in the world! There are so many things to do here that this blog would run out of space if we list everything. However, we will give you an overview of the places that you must visit when you have the escorts of London by your side. So without further ado, let us begin with the myriad meeting places that you can choose in this lovely locality.

Hub of art and culture

Anyone with even a faint idea of the history of art and science would know about the legendary Royal Academy of Arts situated in Piccadilly. You can explore the works of some of the top past and present global artists here. When you visit such an institution with a companion, this gives her the impression that you are a man of high class and character. Subsequently, the escort in West London will start to develop a feeling of goodwill and trust towards you.

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In the lap of nature

The first thing that strikes you about this district is that it abounds in greenery. It is surrounded by two of London’s largest parks- Green Park and Hyde Park. So if you are the type that loves a romantic tryst in natural surroundings, then either of these 2 locations will work for you. You can also go for a romantic boat ride with an escort in West London at The Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park.

There are also smaller gardens with quaint little cafes near them that make for attractive meeting places. You can enjoy a private conversation or participate in some outdoor activities to build a bond. Then you can move onto more serious business in a hotel room or your house!

Berkeley Square is another place where you can spend some time in people-watching. There are many places to soak in the atmosphere of one of the most picturesque spots in London. It is also the location of one of the most haunted houses in Britain. You can always pay this house a visit after an evening of drinking and dancing as it will add a tinge of thrill to your Mayfair experience!

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Afternoon Tea at the Claridges

Afternoon tea is a very British tradition, and there is no better place to have it than the iconic Claridge’s hotel, which has been the haunt of the rich and famous of England. This is a lovely place to start exploring Mayfair!  As for their afternoon tea ritual, the hotel gives it the respect that such an occasion deserves. They serve all the traditional snacks whipped up by the best chefs in London, and then they have a pianist to add a dash of sobriety to the setting. After wowing your companion here, you could take her for shopping at some of the best fashion outlets in the world.

Shopping for you as well as your companion

The Royal Arcade in Mayfair is London’s oldest shopping street built in the late 1800s. From that time, this area has been the preferred destination for buyers and sellers alike. If you want to leave an impression on the West London escort at your side, you can take her shopping to the many boutiques in Dover Street, Oxford Street or Bond Street. All the top names from the world of haute couture are present here! Whatever you desire to give to your companion, be it clothing, jewelry, or any other accessories, you can find the best in that category here.

You can raise your fashion game at the Savile Row, which can rightly be called the Mecca of men’s fashion. Trailblazing characters such as James Bond, the most famous spy character ever to have been conceptualized, got their dose of style from the establishments in Savile Row. This is the place that added oomph to the plain old suits that men used to wear, thus converting them to the clothing accessories that every gentleman needed to buy. You should spend some time in these shops to give your wardrobe the makeover that it requires.

Exciting Evenings with the best pubs in London

Mayfair has a lot of options for the people who want to make merry and party! Your first port of call should be ‘Mr. Fogg’s Residence‘- one of the best travel-themed taverns that exist anywhere on this planet! After you are done reliving Phileas Fogg’s adventures with the quintessentially British escorts London, you can move onto other places. Our next recommendation is ‘The Punch Bowl‘- whose initial claim to fame was that it was owned by Guy Ritchie, who was Madonna’s husband at that time. There’s quite a good chance that you will bump into a celebrity in this bar, as there’s always someone important who’s coming here to sample the great drinks and food on offer! After you’ve downed some spirits, it is time to let your hair down! The Tape in Mayfair is where all the action is at! Counted as one of the top nightclubs in London, this is the place for some sensual dancing with the 150 escorts London. After you’ve danced the evening away, you are bound to be in the mood for some action!

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