How are London Escorts beating Sex Dolls?


How are London Escorts beating Sex Dolls?

How are London Escorts beating Sex Dolls?

How are London Escorts beating Sex Dolls?

London Escorts beating Sex Dolls

A long day at the office finally comes to an end. You know for sure you have to get laid just so you can relax and feel alive again. You’re faced with two alternatives – a sex doll or an escort on your speed dial. This may sound like someone else’s problem but it isn’t. In a world where picking up women and even dating is quickly becoming a tough balancing act, it goes almost without saying that sex dolls are slowly but surely becoming an option. London escorts figured out this would be a problem not so long ago. In a bid to secure their place as the ultimate preference, they upped their game with extra services like BDSM and anal. That’s not everything though. London escorts are now beating sex dolls in a tug of war that at some point, looked like it was skewed in favour of sex dolls. Read on to learn more.

Cost Effective

Forget about inflatable sex dolls that come along with cheap price tags. Real silicone or TPE sex dolls sell for at least $2000. It sounds strange and even surprising but it’s true. Compare that with the average $200 many London escorts charge for their service. The difference is as clear as day. Ultimately, sex dolls are way too expensive. Escorts on the other hand are cost effective for so many reasons. You can in fact, negotiate and bargain with an escort. Once in a while, an escort can offer her services for free especially if you’ve been a loyal client.

Then there is the fact that you’ll have to replace your sex doll after a year. This is a fact many people choose to ignore. The truth is, TPE or silicone wears off after some time. The nether regions aptly referred to as the pleasure spots – the vagina and anus where sex doll owners derive their pleasure wear off even faster. The reason is obvious – the regions experience lots of friction. For men who have an insatiable appetite for sex, then it goes without saying that their sex dolls won’t last for long. A year down the line and the sex dolls’ sexual organs and other pleasure spots succumb to wear and tear. You then have to get a second sex doll which means churning out another $2000 or even more. Keep in mind too that your sex doll can also be stolen or get damaged by exposure to heat.

Genuine Companionship

This is perhaps the biggest, most significant advantage that London escorts have over sex dolls. Apart from the sex factor, they offer genuine companionship. The human to human interaction you can have with an escort is priceless. It comes along with a kind of warmth that is hard and somewhat impossible to quantify. The priceless moment is in the laughter you share together, the wink she sends your way when your eyes lock contact or even the smile she sends your way without saying a word. These are all perks that sex dolls can never guarantee.

Note that for many men visiting London for business reasons, companionship plays a huge role as part of their unwinding regimen. Some do not bother so much with sex and other adult adventures. Occasionally, the business executive will need a beautiful lady by his side when going out for a formal dinner with other business executives. With little time to pick up ladies available, London escorts usually come to the rescue. They offer excellent companionship. It gets even better with the fact that London escorts are smart and can express themselves really well. This is yet another perk you can’t ever experience with a sex doll. As a matter of act, you really can’t do anything meaningful with a sex doll when it comes to outdoor social events.

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Storage and Cleaning Issues With Sex Dolls

You must’ve come across sex dolls being marketed as easy to maintain. This isn’t true. Sex dolls aren’t really easy to maintain. Unless you go for one that has a detachable vagina and anus, you’ll have a hard time cleaning your sex doll. Nutting inside it will be fun though. You must then proceed to wash immediately or at least the following day. Leave your magic milk inside the sex doll’s v-jay or anus and you’ll end up with not just a stinking doll but a stinking room as well. You’ll also be at risk of getting a UTI should you decide to bang a dirty sex doll.

Cleaning your sex doll is yet another nightmare you haven’t been told yet. It’ll most likely feel like washing a lifeless body. This will even be worse if you don’t have sizeable bathtub. Still even after you’re done washing your doll, you have to figure out where and how you’ll let it dry. You may have a hard time sun drying it with nosy neighbours around. The best you can do is dry the doll indoors. You’ll have to repeat this cycle for as long as you have the doll. On the flipside, a London escort will gladly take care of herself after you’ve had fun together.

The Human Touch And Connection During Intimacy

The eye contact you make as she lets you slide your joystick inside her wet sweet spot is yet another priceless perk that comes along with London escorts. You move from there to dirty talks and whatever turns you on. She moans as you groan. At some points, she squirts while moaning your name. This makes you even harder. Eventually, she holds you tight with her toes curled as she orgasms. At this point, you feel the sweet release of your magic milk beckon. She moans and squirts one more time as you groan with the sudden yet blissful sweet release of your seed inside her. It feels like magic…you both lay there, naked holding on to each other….you know what follows next….some sweet pillow talk before you fall asleep. This can never, in a million years happen with a sex doll.

Yes, you’ll have sex but it’ll feel so bland, so boring. The doll is after all, inanimate and incapable or expressing feelings. You can go out of your way to name the doll, but still, you won’t feel satisfied after intimacy. Talking to the doll will feel awkward because it’ll result into an awkward monologue while naked.

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