Living Live King-Size in Kensington


Living Live King-Size in Kensington

Living Live King-Size in Kensington

Living Live King-Size in Kensington

One of the advantages of being in London is that you share the city with the royal family that ruled most of the world for the last two centuries. Though their power has since declined, people still remain fascinated by their lives! Kensington is one of the places on the radar of tourists who wish to see how the family lives today. It is one of the most exclusive boroughs in the city of London. Its royal inhabitants have been in the news due to the split of Harry and Meghan from the family. As per the grapevine, the couple has moved to the city of Los Angeles, which is Meghan’s hometown. Perhaps they did not like living in the Kensington Palace and wanted to get away from all the unwanted attention.

Nevertheless, Kate Middleton and Prince William are always there for the stargazers of the royal family! Due to its connections with royalty, this area has some of the most expensive residential properties. To buy a house in this neighborhood is a definite sign to the world that you have arrived as you will share space with business tycoons and prominent cinema stars! There’s a lot more to do here, and we will elaborate on that in this post. Also, traipsing through this royal borough becomes even more enjoyable with the £150 escorts London!

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A cultural tour de force!

If you have a thing for history and culture, you will spend a lot of time here. One of the cool things about all of these museums is that entry is free! The first item on your list should be the Victoria and Albert Museum, which was established far back in 1852. You can check the world’s most extensive decorative art collection in this museum. The range of art is truly mind-boggling as it embraces human endeavours in this field for the past 5,000 years. You can also find the works of some famous artists of the Italian Renaissance, such as Botticelli and Donatello. If you are an art lover, you can spend a whole week here, and that too will not be enough to cover the artefacts in the museum! One of the exciting things to do here is to have afternoon tea with your partner in the same manner as Queen Victoria did in her times!

Your next stop should be the Science Museum to explore the exploits of scientists that propelled the modern world from the Industrial Revolution onwards. There are some stunning virtual reality experiences to be had! One of the other attractions is the IMAX theatre, which is currently closed for renovation. It is expected to reopen soon, so you can hopefully catch up on some fantastic films with the exotic escorts London by your side! The other iconic name in this area is the Natural History Museum. You can explore nature in all its wondrous forms here, from stunning dinosaur fossils to specimens collected by Darwin himself.

You can also explore the Design Museum if you are an architecture and design aficionado. For music buffs, there is the Royal College of Music, one of the most famous academies in the world, which also hosts a lot of free concerts! Some other renowned universities of London that are located here include the Imperial College and the Royal College of Art. Thus, you will find the area buzzing with students and tourists alike, with never a dull moment!

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Meet the royals!

The next unmissable part of this area is the Kensington Palace, the residence of William and Kate. You will always find a lot of paparazzi here, and you can join the throng of tourists to explore the rooms open for the public. If you’re here, you can have a romantic rendezvous with the escorts of London in the Kensington Gardens, one of the largest green spaces in the city. Some of the most celebrated writers, poets, and poetesses of the English language, were inspired by these surroundings. There are statues of Peter Pan, the majestic Albert Memorial, the Italian Gardens, a memorial fountain for Princess Diana, and much more. There are plenty of romantic cafes to lounge about and spend time with your companion.

Shop till you drop!

Now enough of the serious stuff, let’s get to the fun part! The borough is home to two of London’s most treasured shopping destinations, the Knightsbridge and Kensington High Street. Some of the most famous luxury departmental stores, such as Harrods and Harvey Nicholls, make this area buzz with activity all day long. Whatever you desire, be it high-end fashion or jewellery, you will find it here! If you get a bit tired with all that shopping, you can take a break and tuck into the offerings of these stores’ impressive food halls!

Partying the night away!

Now, let us come to our favorite part of the area! After all, you need to take the young escorts London to places where you can eat, drink, and party! There are plenty of such options, and we will talk about the ones we love to visit from time to time! As regular readers would know, we love bars and pubs with originality, so our first port of call is The Churchill Arms. In this two-centuries-old watering hole, you can wine and dine to your heart’s extent! The pub has a lot of Churchill memorabilia, which adds to the character and the feel of the place. It also has a great Thai restaurant to take care of your culinary cravings! The next place we love in this locality is the Piano Kensingtona jazz club with great live music and even better drinking options. We recommend making a prior reservation to avoid disappointment! Finally, let’s come to the nightclubs where you can vibe with your partner and show her some sensual moves! The Jako nightclub, formerly known as ‘Hyde Kensington‘ to its patrons, is a great choice to spend the whole night dancing with a West London escort!

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