Lingerie, Dresses and More for Our London Escorts


Lingerie, Dresses and More for Our London Escorts

Lingerie, Dresses and More for Our London Escorts

Lingerie, Dresses and More for Our London Escorts

Tell us what you’re looking for and we have just the outfit to fit your needs.

Imagine spending the evening at a boring and stuffy business dinner. A woman, dressed in a smooth black ensemble, gently hugging each of her ample curves, walks up and sits at the bar next to you.

The dress is not flashy. Simple. Well fitted. Dropping just below the knee, exposing a luscious line of a calf that flows gracefully down into a petite ankle. Slim and sharp heels wrap themselves around what must be the most perfectly shaped foot God has ever granted a woman. She glides on the leather pumps like neither they nor the floor actually exists.

She looks to you and smiles warmly, not saying a word. You ask the bartender to bring this glorious affectation of the human condition the drink of her choice. She parts her full lips perfectly painted a deep red, offering you a simple but genuine “thank you”. Her long eyelashes flutter sweetly in your direction, as she looks up at you, curiously, through them. A perfectly manicured hand wraps itself delicately around the crystal stem of a Champagne glass.

Your eyes drop to the simple neckline of that black dress. Perfectly formed breasts swell demurely beneath the thin knit fabric. You can see the faintest traces of fine lace.

Suddenly, you’re at the door to the room, bodies press against one another hungrily. Her perfectly painted lips have a slight smudge from where you’ve dragged your thumb across that Cupid’s bow in desperate passion. You feel the black knit fabric tangle under your fingertips as you slowly pull the zipper down, revealing to your probing hands soft, supple skin stretched delicately over ample hips and a full ass.

You step back to look at what you have unveiled. In front of you, still in the black pumps, stands the woman of your dreams. Your eyes draw a line of what seems to be miles of legs, the only feature that is outside of perfection is the slightest v of lace, dragging up her shapely thigh where her stocking meets the delicate clasp of an ornate and beautiful garter belt. The lush black silk encircles a tiny waist like the inverted circle of an exquisite crown, perched at the very precipice of a full and flawless rump. Begging to be squeezed, snatched, and captured within your firm grasp. The only thing separating you from the deepest ecstasy is the sheer line of a small chiffon thong, lace gently riding the curve of her hip, hinting at the sculpted beauty below.

Your eyes greedily dart upwards, over the plain of a flat stomach, towards the balconette bra, struggling to contain the pillowy mounds of perfectly shaped breasts. The bra, black silk and lace, begs to be taken off, as the cups seem overwhelmed with the effort of holding back something that would fit so nicely in your hands.

You step forward and gently pull one strap away from the delicious indent of the collarbone, sliding it over a petite shoulder. Effort expended, the cup runs over and tumbles out a breast and angelic nipple. Small, pink. Perfectly inviting for a wandering mouth. But that’s when they catch you.

Those two incandescent eyes, filled with mischief and anticipation, staring through those lashes again. She whispers “do you like what I’m wearing?” Well, darling, we can both agree it would look better off.

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