Full Day, Half Day or The Whole Weekend – Which Option Is Ideal For Optimum Escort Experience?


Full Day, Half Day or The Whole Weekend – Which Option Is Ideal For Optimum Escort Experience?

Full Day, Half Day or The Whole Weekend – Which Option Is Ideal For Optimum Escort Experience?

Full Day, Half Day or The Whole Weekend – Which Option Is Ideal For Optimum Escort Experience?

Optimum Escort Experience

Talk of escorts and the one thing likely to cross your mind is an hour or two for some sexcapade at a fee. That has been the case for many years. It is actually still the case in so many places. But like you may have already observed especially in Europe and the America’s, you can book an escort for the whole day, weekend or even a month. Escorts refer to this kind of booking as ‘extended escort bookings’. You may be familiar with the term if you’ve had an escort offer you the ‘girlfriend experience’ overnight. That’s because any form of booking with an escort that goes for more than 24 hours falls under the ‘extended escort service’ umbrella.

Finer Details

What exactly does a simple extended escort booking entail? It all boils down to two things – the escort agency you’re booking an escort from and the escort as an individual. More often than not though, expect the whole package – sex, massage, costumes and BDSM and pretty much everything in between.

Here’s a trick you can always use to your advantage when it comes to extended escort bookings – many West London escorts prefer extended bookings over hourly and overnight 24 hour bookings. It is easy to understand why. Many, if not all, extended escort bookings guarantee dinner dates at fancy restaurants, sightseeing and even movie nights. Extended bookings are also not as exhausting as hourly bookings where an escort can end up seeing up to four different clients or even six back to back. With extended bookings you rest well and earn more. If you’re taking an escort out for more than 24 hours, request for a discount. 9 times out of 10 you’ll always get upto 5 or in some cases a whole day free of charge!


You’ll have to spend – that’s the general rule when it comes to escorts. Whether you’re dealing with young escorts, exotic escorts, Latina escorts, busty escorts, Brazilian escorts and just about any escort, the rule of the thumb will always boil down to money and you’re willingness to spend it on or with your desired escort. Here’s some good news though – you don’t have to spend big or be extravagant.

If you’re worried about spending too much, then the best place to start is by first looking for a reliable agency. London is already replete with so many reliable agencies which explains why it is well known for escort services. Pick a random escorts agency London can you be certain you’ll have an easy time looking for an escort service within your means. The best part about many of the agencies in London is how easy it is for you to pick the escort service you need. Hourly rates and extended escort services are separate, each with its own price tag, making it easy for anyone to choose what they’re interested in.

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Hourly Services

For those always on the move or always busy, then hourly rates can come in handy. Make no mistake though. Hourly escort services come along with a myriad of downsides. First off, you could very well be the fifth, fourth or even eight person in line for an escort. That means the escort you want to spend time with will most likely be too exhausted to give you the attention you deserve. Your best bet is to therefore, book an escort in the morning pretty much before everyone else.

Keep in mind that cities like London run 24 hour economies. You could still be further behind the line in the likely event you book an escort working overnight. That’s just how escorts London and in other cities operate. This shouldn’t discourage you at all. Yet again, it all boils down to the agency you choose to hire an escort from. Always go for an agency that exudes high levels of professionalism. That way, you can always request for an escort and be particular that you need well rested one for an hourly service.

Custom Experiences

Picture this – you’ve always had a fetish for young escorts. You like them and busty. Then you realize that nearly all the busty escorts you want to have a date with are fully booked. You turn to the next escorts agency London you know and you don’t just find busty escorts but also young, Latina escorts on the same platform with young Brazilian escorts offering extended escort services. That’s exactly what you need. What’s even better a service you’ve never heard of before grabs your attention – custom escort services. You notice that the service is only reserved for those who book an escort for more than 24 hours. This may surprise you if you’re in London for the first time. That’s pretty much the norm in London and other European cities though.

With custom experiences, you keep in touch with an agency, then let them know the specific kind of escort services you want. The agency then makes arrangements to provide you with a list of escorts and their profiles who match the services you’re looking for. You also get to see in advance how much the custom service you need will cost you.

Notably, custom services range from what many people consider normal all the way to what some people may consider strange. With that in mind, don’t shy off from looking for the custom service you’ve always desired. It could be anything from strip tease and sex toys all the way to deep tissue and thai massage.

Wrap Up

When all is said and done, you remain with the decision. Put hourly escort services and extended escort services on a beam balance though and you can be certain extended escort services will always outweigh hourly escort services. The perks that come along with extended escort services are also pretty much obvious. You get to spend more time with your escort, a perk that translates to more fun for both of you.

Lastly, always prepare well for escort encounters. Whether you’re meeting an escort just an hour or overnight, prepare well. Start off by observing high hygiene standards. Shower, shave and yeah, smell nice.

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