Going old school in Earl’s Court London

Earl's Court London

In this post, we will explore another fascinating borough in the western part of this city. Earl’s Court, which straddles Central and West London, is one of the more interesting locales in the capital city of the United Kingdom. The area is undergoing redevelopment, but still remains one of the most attractive in the city. Also, this is one of the locations where you can find many of the West London escorts from our agency. Many travelers, students, and professionals prefer to stay here due to its central location and easy availability of food and drink. It also plays host to some of the best hotels in the city, and thus remains a tourist magnet. Walking through the area is one of the more pleasant experiences that you can have in the city. The beautiful buildings and gardens here make it a place worth spending time in.

Earl’s Court is one of the hubs of continental and Asian cuisine in London, and the restaurants here are rated highly by connoisseurs and laypeople alike. You will do well to check the reviews of the eateries before going there. The issue is that some of them on the high street are both overrated and overpriced. While some of the others that are worth your money and time can fly under the radar.

Our pick is the iconic ‘Troubadour’ cafe, which has played host to some of the biggest names in rock and roll, such as Bob Dylan, Ed Sheeran, and many more. It was and still is an honor for a musician or an artist to get a chance to play in front of the discerning audience that can be found here. The place has retained its old-world charm, and time seems to go slowly here. The focus has slightly shifted to food from music, but this is still one of the only locations in the world where you can listen to some of the best musicians in an intimate setting. The cafe also hosts other acts such as standup comics and poets. The only convention they follow is that the stuff the artists present has to be written by them. All in all, a lovely place to meet with an escort in West London. You can then take it from there to your hotel room or to the place that you call home.

The ‘Evans & Peel Detective Agency’ is another of our retro picks, which offers one of the most unique eating out experiences in the city. The pub is in the format of a speakeasy, an illicit pub that used to serve alcohol in the Prohibition era in the US. And like those watering holes of yore, it is not easy to find, but once you manage to locate it, you are in for a treat. When you are catching up with one of the beautiful girls from Amy’s Escorts London, this is a lovely meeting place as it adds an element of thrill to your rendezvous. Also, as the girls are locals here, you have more chances of locating it in time with their help. The place is designed to give you the vibes of those dangerous times in the 1930s when it was a crime to have a drink, and it successfully manages to carry it off. When you try to enter the pub, a detective in an office will first ask you for your story, and you can invent one to gain admittance. If you can’t make one up, then there’s no need to worry. They will admit you inside anyways, as, at the end of the day, they are a commercial establishment and have to keep the cash registers ringing.

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Once inside, you will feel that you have taken a time machine back into the black and white era. The music that plays in the background reinforces the atmosphere and adds to the mystery of the place. You and your companion can get into the mood with the cocktails here, which are named after Prohibition-era gangsters! Our personal recommendation is the Al Capone cocktail, and you can also try any of the others, and you won’t be disappointed. One of the things to remember is that this is a place that pays its tributes to the old school. Thus, your drinks will be strong and designed to shake you up, not like the mild cocktails at other places in the city. The food is up to the mark, and the only drawback is that the bar is a bit cramped. But in our view that only adds to the atmosphere of the bar area as speakeasies are not meant to be comfortable, are they? You have your fill, and you get out after having your fun. That is the logic that operates here too. The pub is an ideal place to start a role play with one of the exotic escorts London. One of the situations that you can concoct is your girl is a damsel in distress, fleeing from some dangerous people out to do her harm. You can be her knight in shining armor by rescuing her and then taking her home!

After the redevelopment project, which is expectedly in some trouble, is finished, the character of Earl’s Court might change forever. So, it is our advice to you that if you haven’t visited the beautiful sights and sounds of the area, then you should as soon as the lockdown is over. And, who better to take you around then one of our British escorts London. They are great companions, and also fantastic in bed. After all, it is their core competency for which you pay your hard-earned money. We are a business that takes its reputation seriously and offer you the services of many of the sexiest women in this city but only after verifying their credentials. Our prices are transparent, and we take your privacy very seriously, as we are here to become the London escort agency of your choice.

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