Chilling with a companion in Chelsea


Chilling with a companion in Chelsea

Chilling with a companion in Chelsea

Chilling with a companion in Chelsea

Continuing with our voyage of the exciting places right in the heart of London, we move next to the locality of Chelsea. There’s a lot more to this place than just the football club. Though it must be admitted that it is the Chelsea football club that has put the area on the world map, we’ll be talking less of the club and Stamford Bridge, its iconic ground, and more of the romantic places in the borough. You can visit the stadium on days when no matches are being held, and get overawed by the sheer sporting achievements of this great club. You could even book a stay here if you’re really into football!

Moving ahead from the beautiful game, Chelsea is one of the poshest areas in the western part of this city. The locality is also a hub of the hot and sexy West London escorts. These stunning women will give you the time of your lives if you are lucky enough to have their company when you visit the nooks and crannies of Chelsea.


The locality is the playground of London’s rich and famous, and King’s Road market is where all the wealthy come out to play. Some of the most desirable brands in the world are available in the high-end boutiques here, and you’ll have to shell out a lot of dough to buy stuff from here. One of the biggest Zara stores in the world is here, where you can shop for a small gift for the escorts in southwest London. The myriad shops of Sloane Street are the places to go to if you’re looking for the most luxurious accessories that money can buy! For the lovers of antiquities and other such knickknacks, Lots Road is your destination. There are many dealers of antiques here, and an auction is held every Sunday. Who knows, you might find something valuable here when you’re looking for something interesting to gift the woman by your side.

Saatchi Gallery

The area around this borough is an art hub, primarily due to one of the best modern art galleries that you will ever encounter. When you’re on King’s Road, there’s no chance that you will not notice Charles Saatchi’s personal art gallery. This gallery has become one of the avant-garde landmarks of London. There is a lot in store for the lovers of art here. The best thing about this place is that it will expand your horizons about modern art and that too, for free! When you take your companion here, you will impress her as a man of high taste. As we all know, such a man has much better chances of getting a woman to do his bidding!

The Chelsea Physic Garden and other natural attractions

As you would have realized from our earlier blogs, we are big fans of natural spaces, and so are the girls from Amy’s Escorts London. The Chelsea Physic Garden is one of the oldest botanical gardens in London, as well as the world. It is a sanctuary of serenity amid all the hustle and bustle of the city. This is a lovely location to get introduced to your companion. When you arrange a meeting here, you’re also letting your companion know that you are a man with his heart in the right place. You can take a refreshing little walk, admiring all the flora that abounds here, while getting to know more about the girl with you. What’s more, you can try the snacks at the lovely little cafe here, while engaging in some chit chat with your consort.

Another thing that this locality is known for is the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, which draws aficionados from all over the world. One thing that we regret to inform you is that this year’s event has been canceled due to the pandemic. The only other time that it was discontinued was during World War 2 when the Luftwaffe was bombing the hell out of London. But, the city survived that period, and the flower show was held again. Thus, we honestly believe that things will get better, and we will all be out and about in this city that we call home, and that time is not too far. The flower show will be held next year, and you can attend it with your special someone.

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Eating Out and Clubbing

Some of the highest-rated restaurants in the city can be found here. The most prominent of these is the Gordon Ramsey restaurant, which has been bestowed with three Michelin stars by the powers that be. There are very few who would not have heard of the man behind this fab food brand, as he is the face of Masterchef, the most popular food-based reality show in the world. If you’re planning to impress one of the high-brow French escorts London, then you can have a meal at their Inspiration Table. Here, you can actually understand how great food is conceptualized, and get treated like royalty. For people looking for a different experience, the quaint eateries of Pavilion Road are options to consider. They’re great for a nice little brunch and easy on your pockets. The street has such an artistic atmosphere that you’ll start feeling inspired too! There is an air of romance about the whole area, and this is another excellent option if you’re looking for a place to have a good conversation.

Finally, let us come to the options that you have if you want to party the night away in this neighborhood. One of the best clubs out here is Embargo Republica, and you’ll find a lot of the jet-set out here. If you’re looking something off the beaten track, just like the exotic escorts London, then Mahiki Kensington, the Hawaiian themed nightclub, should definitely be on your list. The atmosphere of this legendary club will make you believe that you have been teleported to the Pacific Ocean and its whereabouts. The cool cocktails served will ensure that you stay there!

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