Bruna’s Life: Interview with a London Escort


Bruna’s Life: Interview with a London Escort

Bruna’s Life: Interview with a London Escort

Bruna’s Life: Interview with a London Escort

While she may seem to be your average escort, she’s not your average girl.

This Brazilian bombshell is a spark of sensual energy. Fun, quick-witted, and incredibly beautiful, Bruna brings much more to the table than just her looks. With an outgoing personality and a laugh that’s utterly infectious, Bruna is a joy to have around here at Amy´s Escorts London.

Interview with a London Escort – Meet Bruna

Behind that fun-loving 21-year-old is something special. Bruna seems to take her work very seriously, and there’s no question that she is a true professional. “I love my job” she says, “that’s why I do it. There are many perks to what I do, but it’s really the job itself that I love. I’ve always been a really sexual person, and I’m definitely not shy about it.” Her signature giggle slips out from between her perfectly luscious lips.

“I think what really got me started in the business was the drive to make my own hours, and have that independence. I love to have a good time, and I’m just not cut out to be a 9 to 5 office rat. I like being able to go out when I want to, having the money and security to support the lifestyle that I want to have.” Bruna is adamant that there’s no better place for her than a beach, but also says that she loves getting to hit the town with clients.

“It’s so great to get to go out with these guys. Most of them are so incredibly sweet and respectful. It’s a blast to go have a few drinks and watch them come out of their shells.” While we neglected to ask the age-old “what’s your ideal date?” To be fair, we did probe her about what she specifically doesn’t like. “I’m not really into guys who are into themselves.” She muses. “I want to know that they are happy to be spending time with me. I like to feel like I’m appreciated, same as anyone. Also- I can not handle poor hygiene. Outside of it just being gross, it’s super disrespectful. There’s no way I would ever show up to a date looking less than incredible, so I don’t know why anyone else would either.”

Bruna says that in her downtime she likes to get dirty… during sports of course. “I’m super active. I love going to the gym and playing all different kinds of sports. In that way, I guess I’m a bit of a tomboy.” Not that you could ever tell. The supple and stunning woman is impeccably polished in a white dress that fits each curve in a tantalizing, subtle way. “I’m also pretty competitive.” She laughs. “If I wasn’t doing this, I think I would really enjoy being a fitness instructor or a sports journalist. I really love getting to help people, inform them about what’s happening in the world. I’m a natural-born leader, but not in a tyrannical way.”


That’s just fine with us Bruna. To be sure, we’d be happy to follow you anywhere.



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