Best Ways to Spot A Scam Escort Website


Best Ways to Spot A Scam Escort Website

Best Ways to Spot A Scam Escort Website

Best Ways to Spot A Scam Escort Website

Best Ways to Spot A Scam Escort Website

Every form of business has its good sides and bad sides. Escorting as a form of business is unfortunately fallen victim to numerous scammers across the globe. This happens because escorts attract clients based on desire, not actual need. Other types of businesses with a similar audience experience the same.

Significant advancements and modernization of the internet and technology have allowed people to get in touch with almost anyone, no matter where they live. Thankfully, there are a lot of things clients can do to spot fake, or scam escort websites and ads. Here are a few things to watch out for.

Unrealistic Pictures

One of the easiest ways of creating a fake dating or escort profile is to put a fake picture on an escort profile. People looking for escorts search based on services but make the ultimate choice based on looks.

Stumbling upon a gorgeous and sexy escort who is based exactly where you live or plan to travel would arouse interest in anyone. Luscious red lips, long legs, a beautiful smile – that’s enough to get any man’s attention.

Scam escort websites usually include the same photo in multiple profiles they want to advertise. The profiles usually look completely different, with no same services appearing in both profiles. Because of this, it’s important to browse through the entire selection of escorts before putting any of them on your shortlist.

Massive Selection Of Available Escorts

When we say massive, we mean that there are hundreds of escort profiles on an escort agency website. It’s not always the case, because there are agencies out there with a large number of escorts. These types of websites require the client to do much more research than with websites that feature up to 30-40 escorts. Most escort agencies in London have a few dozen escorts working with them, and that’s the number you should look for.

Scammers consider having a larger selection of escorts because they’ll attract more visitors to their website. Unfortunately, this is a common issue and people usually get scammed when they hire an escort they found on this type of escort website.

The thing that’s distinctive for fake escort websites is that there are NO REVIEWS available for any of the escorts. Even if you find some reviews on the website, they’re usually full of grammar mistakes and don’t have much sense.

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Asking For Payment Upfront Via Cryptocurrency

This has become a trend lately amongst scam escort websites. Although some genuine escort websites ask for an upfront payment from first-time clients, it’s never in cryptocurrency.

The majority of escort websites point out prices so clients will know how much they’ll need to prepare, but don’t ask for upfront payments. For first-time clients, there are a couple of things escort agencies do to keep their escorts safe. One of the things is that first-time clients don’t get to book an outcall date with an escort.

Unrealistically Low Rates

The thing that attracts a lot of attention is affordable entertainment. One of the techniques scam escort websites use is advertising unrealistically low rates for services that usually cost more. Combined with photos of incredibly attractive girls, it’s just a matter of time when and how many people will become a victim of this type of scam.

The most common reason why fake escort websites showcase unbelievably low rates is that they’re counting on a larger number of clients reaching out. Once the date is about to happen, a completely different escort appears. This is called bait & switch and is one of the most common scam techniques in escorting.

No Reviews Available For The Agency Or Any Escorts Featured

Probably the biggest alert for a scam escort website is the fact that they don’t include any reviews about the girls they advertise. Because it’s a niche with a lot of scammers out there, genuine escort agencies encourage their clients to leave reviews about their experience.

On the other hand, some scammers think about this as well. Finding a large number of positive reviews with an emphasis on beauty, sex appeal, and exquisite service isn’t a good sign either. When you notice the reviews are repetitive, have the same style of writing and that all of them are positive, it’s hard not to suspect something. In most cases, when hundreds of positive reviews pile up on a website that exists barely a year, it definitely means that the website you came across is run by scammers.

How To Know That You Finally Found A Genuine Escort Website?

We’ve covered some of the most common things to look out for if you’re not sure whether the escort website you found is fake or not, but what about genuine escort websites? What makes them different?

It can be a bit time-consuming if you’re just entering the world of escorts, but it’s not a very complicated process. The first thing to do is to check out all the escorts listed on a website. When it comes to genuine escort websites, there won’t be more than a few dozen escorts featured. If you find more than one profile with the same pictures but under a different name, you should move on.

Genuine escort agencies are mentioned in more places on the internet. There are a lot of escort directories that feature girls working in agencies so it shouldn’t surprise you if you found a few escorts from Amy’s Escorts London in a few escort directory websites.

When it comes to authentic escort agencies, they invest in their girls. This means that their profiles are polished up with clear information about services, pricing, and availability. The photos should also be professional, emphasizing the best features each escort has.

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