Best Sex Positions To Try With London Escorts


Best Sex Positions To Try With London Escorts

Best Sex Positions To Try With London Escorts

Best Sex Positions To Try With London Escorts

The London escort scene is one of the best in the world, so it’s no wonder why so many tourists decide to have the experience so many people are talking about. The capital of the UK is full of stunning escorts. We’re talking tens of thousands of sassy, sexy, and gorgeous babes waiting to turn every fantasy into reality. There are blondes, redheads, ebony, Asian, Latina babes… It’s a selection so extensive that you’ll need to spend some time finding the best one for you. Luckily, modern technology has allowed us to easily find exactly the type of escort we’re looking for quickly.

The great thing about London is that there are so many escorts to choose from. Different backgrounds, interests, and kinks to explore make it the perfect place to try out something new! Both single people and those in a committed relationship have the same problem – their sex life becomes boring after a while because they’re afraid to try something new when it comes to sex.

Finding an open-minded escort in London will open up so many possibilities that you’ll be left standing in disbelief. You’ll be able to try any sex position you dreamed of with the sexiest and most beautiful woman who has the experience and knows exactly how to provide you with the experience you’ve been waiting for.

A Threesome Is Every Man’s Dream

Whether the client is a single man or someone engaged in a long-term relationship, having a threesome is a wish for many. Even women fantasize about having a threesome, although women have a different idea about it. Men who fantasize about having a threesome usually imagine having sex with two women at the same time.

In most cases, their partners don’t want to participate in such an adventure, and the wish usually doesn’t get fulfilled. Men who like taking things into their own hands turn to experienced escorts. It’s not uncommon for an escort to offer threesomes, whether it’s with a couple or with another escort.

Escorts provide the possibility for this fantasy to come true, and the overall experience is usually mind-blowing. The naughty girls offering this type of service have experience in satisfying clients who want to experience sex with two people at once and they make sure the client doesn’t go all in once the action starts.

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Most Women Aren’t Interested In Anal, But Escorts Are

Another topic that most couples consider taboo is anal sex. Even though it’s not as sinful to talk about anal as before, most women are afraid even to try it. However, men want to try it, and those who did know that it’s an entirely different feeling from having vaginal sex. For many, it’s an unfulfilled fantasy, and the only way to experience it is with a willing escort. In London, there are hundreds of escorts offering anal. The fact that they already have experience will make it much easier and hotter to try this.

Some men will love the experience while others won’t. There are numerous positions that are perfect for deep anal penetration, with doggy style being the position of choice for most people. When the woman is bent over with her chest as close to the bed as possible, it’s possible to deeply penetrate and enjoy anal sex in the best way possible.

Blowjob After Sex?

Getting a blowjob from your significant other isn’t as uncommon as it was before, but it usually happens at the beginning of the action, rarely at the end. A lot of men fantasize about finishing after a juicy blowjob after sex, but women, in most cases, reject fulfilling this fantasy. Escorts, especially those who offer a pornstar experience, will provide the wildest CIM imaginable.

Common Sex Positions That Are Best With Experienced Escorts

Aside from the missionary position, there are many other common positions that feel amazing with an experienced escort. Doggy style and cowgirl are some of the most popular, and escorts with a lot of experience can make these regular positions feel absolutely breathtaking!

Even though spooning seems like a sex position one would consider only with a partner they’re emotionally involved with, it can be a great choice to try out with an escort. These experienced ladies know how to add a twist to any kind of position and spooning can become one of your favorite positions if you find the right girl.

Positions, where the escort is in charge, are definitely worth trying. Whether it’s the cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, or any other position, an escort can move and moan her way to your pleasure. You need to know that there’s much more to sexual satisfaction than the looks of your partner. The sighs, the moans, and the seductive movement play a huge role in client satisfaction. That’s why many people who are in relationships or even married hire escorts for sexual satisfaction. Although they have sex in the same positions with their significant other, an escort will always bring something new to the table.

The ever so popular 69 position is one of the most demanded ones by clients from all over the world. Escorts know how to appreciate clients who want to please them as well, and the 69 is the best way to do it. The more you give the more you get, it’s as simple as that. No matter how experienced you are, a 69 with an experienced escort will feel like heaven. When you hit the right spot with your tongue, you’ll directly feel the excitement your partner is feeling.

The so-called pile driver is one of the freakiest positions you can try with an escort. It’s not such a difficult position for men, but women need to be flexible and have enough strength to endure even for a few minutes in this position. It allows deep vaginal or anal penetration but can be pretty dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Basically, all the weight from you and your partner rests on her upper back and neck so make sure you try this with an escort who has enough experience with this position. If you do it properly, chances are you’ll have the orgasm of a lifetime!

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