13 Sexy Ideas To Ensure Your Escort Doesn’t Get Bored In Bed


13 Sexy Ideas To Ensure Your Escort Doesn’t Get Bored In Bed

13 Sexy Ideas To Ensure Your Escort Doesn’t Get Bored In Bed

13 Sexy Ideas To Ensure Your Escort Doesn’t Get Bored In Bed

Sexy Ideas To Ensure Your Escort Doesn’t Get Bored In Bed

Sex is fun…good sex that is. But like anything good and worth your time, it can easily turn out to be boring. If you’ve been at it for years, then you already know that even the prettiest lady in town can easily turn out to extremely boring in bed. The best you can do is to spice things up a little. You know, have some fun in bed. This may be somewhat easy with a long term partner. What happens though when you have a weekend to spare with sexy escorts in London? How fast can you come up with ideas to ensure she doesn’t get bored with you in bed? Interestingly, the bulk of what you can do boils down to very simple things. You actually don’t even need to spend much. Read on to learn more.


Imagine someone leaning over for a light kiss. You lean too but just before your lips touch, your nostrils get hit by an odor so strong you almost pass out. Sounds extreme but it happens. Truth is, it doesn’t matter how sexy you are. It doesn’t matter how wealthy you are too. The first charm, the first bold step you can make towards impressing your escort is simple – be clean. It’s all about hygiene really. Take a shower, smell nice and dress well. From then on, you can focus on other things. Take note though that you shouldn’t overdo anything. As far as smelling nice is concerned, always go for a mild cologne. Trim your beads too.

Look Sexy

Alright, alright you had a long day at work. You’re too exhausted to look good. Has it ever occurred to you though that looking sexy isn’t really taxing in terms both time and money? For men, all you have to do is put on decent briefs. You know, the designer boxer you’ve always thought should be reserved for such moments. Fish it out, this is the moment for it. For the lady, you know the drill. The lacy thong…make it red or black. The nice dress with a long slit revealing your sexy thighs. Make him yearn for more. Make sure he doesn’t see much until the very last minute. Tease him until he’s rock hard.


Hair’s nice…when and if it grows on the right place at the right time. Too much of it down there and on your armpits and you really stand out as a deal breaker. If you really have to grow your hair then by all means make sure it is clean and that it smells nice before you lie in bed with anyone. Make sure too that you tie it well. The last thing you want is to have your mate pull out strands of hair from her mouth because it keeps flying all over as you shag.


Yup, toys! There’s a small caution here though. Check first with your London escort. Many of them don’t mind. It could also be the other way round. An escort can actually ask you whether you’d be okay with sex toys. You don’t have to worry if you’ve never used a sex toy before. Many sex toys for men don’t come along with long learning curves so you should be able to learn pretty fast how to use one. If your choice of escort is a pro, then that’d be an added advantage and guaranteed extra fun. Be sure to use plenty of lube though. Be sure to also let your partner know anytime you feel uncomfortable.

Play Games

You’re missing out on a whole of fun if you’ve never tried this before. There are plenty of adult games you can play with your partner. They range from simple heads and tails coin flipping games to the more bizarre chess and such like games. The beauty of all these games boil down to the fact that they always end with some great sex. You choose how to look at it. Sex can be the reward for the winner or the punishment for the loser. Whatever you choose, go for a game that features several levels. Anytime a player loses a level, they have the either strip or perform an oral sex act.

Role Plays

You can never go wrong with role plays. It gets even better with the fact that many escorts are familiar with several role plays. You can therefore, have your escort suggest some role play ideas if you’re not so familiar with them. The most intriguing role plays often have the escort in some sort of costume. It could be the naughty nurse trying to nurse a naughty patient or the sexy teacher trying to make her horny student concentrate. Let your imagination run wild here. To make it even more fun, leave the ideas and suggestions to your escort.

New Positions

Forget about the cliché positions you’ve been using for ages. You know, the doggy style you’ve already mastered after years of bending busty escorts London over. There are sex styles you’ve never heard of. You know who to best advice you on such positions? You guessed it right – your escort. Count yourself lucky if she’s from London. Chances are, she already knows more positions than you do. Strangely, some of the sexiest positions you’ll try with your escort are so simple, you’ll wonder why you’ve never tried them before. Good sex is all about learning new things though, so be teachable.

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Hold up before you write it off. There’s something incredibly sexy about anal sex. Like it is the case with sex toys though, always check first with your date to confirm whether they’re okay with anal sex. It may look and even feel somewhat strange at first. Guess what though. Sex felt exactly the same way the first time you tried it. Look at you now!

Keep in mind that with anal sex, you have to be extra clean. That means your hygiene level should be way over the roof. You’ll also have to carry enough lube to make penetration easier and even more fun.


Make her look forward to meeting you. You don’t have to wait until you meet. If your date is scheduled for later in the evening, sext her at around 5 or 6 pm. An hour or two before the actual date can go a long way to keep things lively. There isn’t much you need to do when texting. You already know the basics – don’t insult. Don’t use slutty language too unless you’re both okay with it. Be sure to also remain moderate as you sext. Too much sexting can easily turn things around for the worst and have your date look the other way because of boredom.

Talk Naughty

It’s no secret that escorts London and world over have mastered the art of talking naughty in a bid to turn on their clients. Unknown to many men, the art works both ways. You don’t have to be vulgar or rude though. Lower your voice and talk in a slow, sensual way. The whole idea here is to have your escort paint a mental picture of what to expect. Mention all you want to do with her, for her and on her. Give her time to talk back too. The exchange should be short and brief but solid enough to arouse curiosity.

Introduce A Third Party

You may have to pay more for this. Strangely you’ll have to pay more whether you’re the one bringing in the third party or the escort is the one bringing in the third party. Either way, you really can’t go wrong with a third party. Threesomes or swinging as you’ll learn later is pretty common not just in London but world over. People are different so once again, it is good to discuss with your escort and everyone involved what you should all expect. To make your work easy, always choose escorts from the reputable escort service London like Amy’s Escorts.

Hit The Bathroom Together

You’ve had all the fun. You’ve shagged until your organs can’t stand more sex. You’re completely worn out and sweaty. How about taking that warm shower together? Scratch her back….she’ll scratch yours too – literally! Plus, you never know…that scratch could be all you needed to re-energize for some more action. It doesn’t have to be actual bath time with the shower running. You can soak yourselves wet in a warm bathtub and who knows?…listen to slow, sensual jazz.

Up Your Foreplay Game

Sex is all about foreplay. Make her wet enough before you go in and she’ll most likely moan in ecstasy as she orgasms three or four minutes later. With that in mind, never underestimate the seductive power of a well done foreplay session. It makes you a pro and a sex machine in her sight…in an instant.

Notably, foreplay is easier than many men think. More often than not, she’ll guide you on what feels right. Follow her cue. She’ll either moan that the touch feels right or that you shouldn’t move your tongue or fingers. Do whatever she says until she lets out the ‘Go in now honey’ scream.

Wrap Up

Don’t be the boring client she’ll end up talking about for days. Be the fun one she’ll always look forward to meet and mate with. Be good enough and world will spread around among escorts of London that you’re a gem. You only need to be creative in bed to end up as that client. With all the tips discussed above, you can be certain you’ll be her charming date.

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