Top 9 Bedroom Games You Can Play With An Escort


Top 9 Bedroom Games You Can Play With An Escort

Top 9 Bedroom Games You Can Play With An Escort

Top 9 Bedroom Games You Can Play With An Escort

Bedroom Games You Can Play With An Escort

So, you finally have a long weekend ahead. It’s been months of sheer hardwork – beating deadlines, project after project. You’re body’s giving in to exhaution. You know for a fact you need a break. Then it happens – your boss notices you’re worn out and gives you a two week break. You already know what to do – get a lassie by your side off Amy’s Escorts. The idea has always worked for you. As a matter of fact, you now consider it your favourite past time. It gets even better with the fact that the agency always gurantees the sexiest young and busty escorts london each time you’re on their site to book a date. but what exactly do you do with an escort when you have one for the whole weekend? Sure, you’ll get laid all you want. But what happens when monotony kicks in? Relax, the following bedroom games will come in handy.

Truth Or Dare

No doubt your remember this one from your teenage sex escapades. But who says adults can’t play it? It was a slumber party favourite at 17 why not now? The best part about it? You only need your imagination. It’s simple. Start by each of your writig a small list of about five dares. Make your dares as sexy and outrageous as possible. For instance, your escort could have you wear her bra as a dare. You on the other hand can dare her to pee while standing as you watch. Have at least 5 dares and 5 truths.

Write each truth or dare on a piece of paper, fold the paper neatly then toss them into two different hats or bags. One hat or bag should have ‘Dare’ while the other should have ‘Truth’. Now let the fun begin. Begin the game by having the escort ask you, ‘Truth or dare?’ Choose dare and the escort will dare ask you anything she feels like. You could have a safe word to use to hint to your playing mate if the dare or truth is beyond limits.

Another fun way to play the game is to write down all the ‘truth’ and ‘dare’ questions you have for each other. Write them on small pieces of paper then toss them in a hat. Make turns to pick random papers off the hat. The rule is simple – you must do whatever the paper you pick off the hat says. To make the game fun and sexy, have sexy demands in each paper. Good examples include – strip tease for me as you play with your clit. She on the other hand, could have something as sexy as ‘jerk off as I watch’. You could also have neutral dares like ‘Lick wine off my body’. Keep in mind that many escorts of London are confident enough to play the game so brace yourself for endless fun.

Guess What This Is

It is a popular game not just in London but world over. Many escorts in London already know the rules so you wont have to struggle explaining what the game is all about. Take note though, that the game calls for some thinkinng and planning. What could be used on an escort’s skin to give her goosebumps. She probably wont have lots of thinkingg to figure out what can give you goosebumps. The onus is on you. Here’s a list of items that can give either party some sexy shivers.

  • Feathers
  • Silk
  • Stringly thong or lingerie
  • Ice
  • Wool
  • Light string

Allow your mind to go wickedly wild. Collect all different kinds of textures then place them in a basket or bag. Blindold each other in turns with a silk tie. Gently massage your parter with a random item from the basket. Don’t make a sound or talk. The idea here is to have the party getting massaged guess what they’re getting massaged with. Fail and have some kind consequence for failing. The consquence should be something as sexy as ‘Go down on me’ or ‘Blow me’.

Body Painting

You don’t have to be a good painter to try this one out. It stands out as one of the most interesting games if you’re going out with an escort over a long weekend. Here’s what makes the game interesting. There are actually edible body paints. They mostly came in chocolate brown, red, white, blue and yellow colors. They also come along with edible dusting powder complete with soft brushes to turn you on.

The game is perfect for a lazy afternoon when you’re trying to pass time. Have some sensual bakground music play as you paint each other. Take photos of each other too if you’re both okay with photographs. Get naughty as you paint. Don’t just wipe off a paint to erase it. Lick it instead.

Picnic In Bed

This one is sheer fun especially with central london escorts for one simple reason – many central london motels boast of amazing dishes. Think of the game as a sensual tasting game. Blindfold your date and feed her different meals both warm and cold. Whoever loses will serve the other party breakfast in bed the following morning at give the other party a sensual massage.

Role Play

You already know what role plays are all about. If you’re with model escorts London, then you’re up for a good time. They always have great ideas for the game. You’ll need costumes for this so let your date know beforehand that some role play is in the offing. Many escorts have costumes of their own so letting you date know on time will make it easy for her to know what to pack.

Creativity plays a huge role here so let your mind explore as many ideas as possible. One of the best and most popular role plays is the police officer. Dress as a police officer arresting a criminal. You could pick either role here – the criminal or the officer. If you like dominating, go for the officer. If you’re into submitting, go for the criminal. Arrest the criminal, handcuff the criminal then have the crminal confess what they’ve done. Have the criminal plead for freedom which you should only give after an orgasm.

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Strip Poker

It is an oldie goldie that always guarantees sexy fun. To make the game interesting, start with equal number of clothing items. Start the game then strip one item each time you lose a hand. At some point, either of you will be fully naked or almost fully naked. Move on to fullblown sexual acts each time you lose a hand.

Out of Town

This one applies if you’ll be out together for weeks. It is also ideal once your confidence levels are at a peak. It is fun mostly because it’s all outdoors. Think of it as a daring game where you dare your partner to either kiss you in public or even sing for you. It is a perfect game and a perfect consequence too for losing a game. Rememeber the aforementioned picnic in bed game? Have the losing party do something for you in public as a consequence for losing. You can take the consequence a notch higher and involve small amounts of money. The shy party, too afraid to stick to the consquence of losing parts away with a small amount of money – five pounds at most.


You already know what the deal here is. If you’re into pain and pleasure, then this one is for you. Be sure to remain respectful though. Have a safe word. Mention the safe word and the game stops. You can use the safe word if the pain is too much or if you’re uncomfortable. The safe word should be as simple as ‘Carrot’ or ‘Orange’. Lay down all the rules before playing any BDSM game.

Once again, your imagination will play a big role here. One party should dominate while the other submits. You can play bondage and handcuff a party then play roles. Sex toys can come in handy and make BDSM games fun and memorable.

Orgasm Silence

Orgasms are hard to enjoy in silence. You’ll either moan or scream in ecstasy. Dare each other to enjoy an orgasm in silence. It is both naught and fun at the same time. You’ll be surprised how hard it is to enjoy and orgasm with your mouth shut. Lose out and your serve breakfast, lick whipped cream of the parties body or sing in public.

Wrap Up

There’s so much you can do with an escort other than having sex. With an open mind, there’s no limit to the amount of fun you can have. Try as many games as you can. Remember though that respect goes a long way. With that in mind, lay clear rules on how to play the games you suggest for each other. This is especially important where pain could be involved. You may also want to be extremely careful where money is involved. The best way to go about it is to only play for small amounts of money – amounts which you really wouldn’t feel bad parting ways with.

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