Amy’s Escorts London: The Best Role Play Escorts In West London


Amy’s Escorts London: The Best Role Play Escorts In West London

Amy’s Escorts London: The Best Role Play Escorts In West London

Amy’s Escorts London: The Best Role Play Escorts In West London

Picture this – It is 1999. You book yourself a London escort. It’s 1999, and there’s no internet. You can only use payphones or, if you’re rich enough, one of those early satellite phones. You got the escort’s number from the classifieds section of a local daily. You give her your address, she arrives, and you have sex – just sex. Then she lives. Fast forward the scenario to 2021. You’re back in London. This time, you aren’t a novice as far as escorts are concerned. You’re, in fact, looking for something specific – Role Play Escorts. You take your search online, and what you see shocks you – hundreds of agencies. Each agency promises value for money and, of course, a good time. One option strikes your eye – Amy’s Escorts. You immediately recognize them because your friends who’ve been to London speak so highly of the agency. So what exactly would be different in terms of the experiences you had in 1999 and 2021?


Pain and pleasure are extreme ends of each other. Strangely though, they easily blend to make something sublime. That’s what domination is all about, really. There are other salient elements of course, submitting and yielding power. It’s all about being at the mercy of your partner or the other way round. Over and beyond these obvious factors, however, there are elements of domination you can’t afford to ignore. For instance, your partner has to be irresistibly churning. That isn’t and has never been a problem with Amy’s escorts. Your partner will show up clad in a shiny leather corset, knee-high black boots and lacy extras with a wide range of domination implements. That alone will get your heart pumping.

All Amy’s models are imposing in a way. As such, if you’re looking for a partner you can yield to, Amy’s really the right place for you. The models are also skilled, confident, and more importantly, sexy. They’re also creative enough to come up with the perfect domination ideas. You could be the timid yet horny office errand boy who forgot to print office reports. She could be the bossy yet sexy boss horny enough to command the errand boy to sate her pelvic thirst or get fired! Bu it doesn’t end there. She undresses, gets her whip, and there you are, shaft her wet flower or get whipped…then get fired!

Role Play

You have no idea what good sex with an escort is all about until you try some role play action with an Amy’s escort’s model. Just like it is the case with domination, role play calls for some form of creativity. Fortunately for you, all Amy’s escorts are creative enough to come up with role play ideas you’ll love.

You could be strangers at a bar with the escort playing hard to get. You could be the naughty student checking out the teacher and her ass. Either way, the role play idea from an Amy’s must, and always ends with sex. The ideas are endless – from basic ones like flirty boss and horny secretary or lonely housewife and the plumber. The icing on the cake is as you will find out, the choice of costumes the escorts have. Yup, that’s right! You get to choose from a wide range of costumes like the night nurse, teacher, bartender and more…

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Baby Minding

The tender touch that comes along with a caring nanny is sometimes all a baby needs to flourish. Now turn things around and picture yourself as an adult in the arms of a caring yet sexy nanny. She feeds you, pampers you and yeah…get you horny. As a matter of fact, she ensures you get laid before she puts you to sleep. Sounds like a script off a fictional novel or even a movie, only that it isn’t. It is real, made possible by Amy’s escorts’ baby minders.

There’s one thing you’ll quickly notice with all adult baby minders at Amy’s – they’re all open-minded. If you, therefore, have some naughty fetish up your sleeve, feel free to engage your babyminder. Whisper the fetish. With the escorts, no fetish is too extreme to turn into reality. As long as the fetish is within the escort’s limits, you can always look forward to having a good time with a babyminder at Amy’s.

Nipple Clamping

What starts with a little pain and sometimes ends with a moan? You already know – nipple clamping. Amy’s escorts will turn a laid-back date into one you’ll never forget with some naughty nipple games.

Why the nipple? It’s simple. Your nipple is an erogenous zone. It is also one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. Play with it a little and you can be sure of two things – a hard cock or a wet pussy. Amy’s escorts know this fact too well. They’ll indulge you in naughty nipple games which include sucking, teasing and certainly clamping. You already know how the games end – both of you naked with one of you tired from exhaustion courtesy of euphoric orgasms.

The Models

Much has been said and written about escort agencies in London. The competition is as you may have already observed, quite stiff. When everything is said though and push comes to shove, it all boils down to an agency’s models. That’s exactly where Amy’s stands out. With escorts from all over the world, you can be certain you’ll find your true north at Amy’s. Note too that the perks don’t just end with the countries from where the models come from. There’s the age factor, with models as young as 18. Ultimately, you can choose a young blonde from Eastern Europe or a brunette from London – whatever rocks your boat. Remember that the escorts aren’t just available for some adult fun. You can book them just for company for both formal and informal events.

Take Ana for instance. She stands out as a perfect example of the awesomeness that waits for you with Amy’s escorts. At only 25, the Italian seductress will easily meet and surpass your expectations as far as adult fun is concerned. Witty, smart, fun to hang out with and sexy, she’s currently one of the most sought-after role play escorts in London. You don’t have to crack your head figuring out why. She guarantees BDSM fun, role play, corporal punishment and more.

Walk into any room with Ana, and as sure as the skies are blue, she’ll light up the room. She’s what many young people like to call ‘the life of the party.’ She’s fluent in not just Italian but also English. Her grasp of current affairs and general life issues will most likely give your brain an orgasm. Have her as your date and she certainly won’t let you down…then when you’re done with the formal events, get naughty with Ana behind closed doors. She’s a gift that keeps on giving…want some BDSM, she’s good at it. Some hand job? Don’t mention it, she was born for it….some role play…she’ll give you euphoric and screaming orgasms all while clad in whichever outfit you wish.

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