Top 7 Little-known Yet Amazing Escort Services You Should Try


Top 7 Little-known Yet Amazing Escort Services You Should Try

Top 7 Little-known Yet Amazing Escort Services You Should Try

Top 7 Little-known Yet Amazing Escort Services You Should Try

Amazing Escort Services You Should Try

Forget what you already know about escorts in London. Has it ever occurred to you that there’s much more into escorting than having a good time and getting laid? As strange as it may sound, there’s actually a business angle to escorting that could open you up to encounters you’ll live to remember. Don’t blame yourself for what you don’t know about escorts. The misconceptions around the professional has had everyone believe that the business is all about sexcapades. Read on to learn more.

Special Massage Services

Nearly all Central London escorts offer massage services. There isn’t anything wrong with that. Like any masseuse worth their salt will tell you for a fact though, there are so many different types of massage services in the world. You therefore need to be very specific each time you call an escort to request for massage services. The number of sensual yet affordable massage services available to you will surprise you.

  • Tantric Massage– It encompasses different massage techniques with the main focus being sensual caressing of highly erogenous zones as well as genital regions. Hips, upper thighs and lower abdomen areas stand out as the most ideal zones for tantric massage. Notably for tantric massage, you’ll be on your back unlike other types of massage where you have to lie on your stomach, exposing your back. This kind of position is deliberate, so as to make it easy for the escort to access your genitals.
  • Swedish massage– It features long flowing strokes, deep kneading and percussive strokes. That way, friction is guaranteed which then guarantees heat and ultimately, blood gets near the surface of your skin. The massage is mostly concentrated on your back, which is why you have to lie on your stomach, face down. For sensual purposes, the escort will target upper inner thighs, buttocks and your lower back.

Note that for both tantric and Swedish massage, you get to choose whether you’ll be half naked or fully naked. You also get to choose how your escort will dress – fully nude, clothed or half nude. You also get to choose other extras like massage with happy ending which is lingo for sex after massage. It is important to ask what your desired massage package includes before making assumptions that sex is part of the service.


You’ve heard about it before. But do you really know what it’s all about? C.O.B is an acronym for Cum On Body. It’s when you get to ejaculate on an escort’s body. That’s not all though. The client gets to choose which part of the body he ejaculates on. Naked breasts, buttocks, feet, thighs and torso stand out as the most common body parts chosen for C.O.B

In many cases, C.O.B at the end of an escort experience when then client climaxes from intercourse, oral sex or wanking. It is also important to note that C.O.B is a type of sex fetish for both men and women. Some women get turned on warm semen on their skin while some men like the sight of a woman covered in cum as it gives them a sense of power and dominance. Many escorts of London offer C.O.B on request so be sure to ask beforehand.

Unique Role Plays

You can never run out of role play ideas when it comes to sexcapdes especially with young escorts London. Forget about cliché role plays like student and teacher or boss and secretary. There are hundreds of role play ideas offered by escorts in London. All you have to do is give your escort the green light to suggest role plays. Again, you have to do this beforehand. Make your request known, chat as you go through her ideas or show up and allow her to take the lead. Follow her cue and you’ll certainly have a good time.

You don’t have to spend a dime on costumes for role plays. There’s isnt anything wrong with spending on costumes though. You can go for simple role plays like horny police woman and suspect with the suspect pleading for freedom. The horny police woman agrees but only on condition that he makes her orgasm. It could anything really. If you’re creative you’ll have a good time here.

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Golden Shower

If you’ve heard of the terms urophilia or urolagnia, then you know what golden showers are all about. The two terms refer to people who get turned on or get excited by the sight, feel or taste or urine. Some escorts refer to the service as water sports. That means you get to piss on each other. Sounds strange? Yes, it is strange….not so strange though if you read the history behind it.

It turns out that eons ago, some cultures enjoyed golden showers.  Some still do to this day. And no, it isn’t all about pissing on each other then leaving it at that. Many escorts recommend that the best way to enjoy golden shower is to mix it with other services like sensual body to body massage.

The idea here is simple. Your escort massages you while fully nude. She covers your whole body and her whole body as well with oil. She lays you at some point. The golden shower comes in as the icing or cherry on top of the cake. You get to enjoy the golden shower in the bathroom for obvious reasons.

Note that there’s a huge different between golden showers and squirting. You don’t get to pay for the latter in many cases because it just happens. There are escorts who charge for squirting though so yet again, ask beforehand if you’ll have to pay extra in the likely event that she squirts.

Intelligent Companionship

Pretty much self-explanatory. It is when you get to hire an escort solely to enjoy smart conversations with her and to get laid as well. This means you get to choose a very specific escorts. For some strange reason, this happens to be one of the most common services amongst West London escorts. You choose an escort, have her accompany you to business meeting or luncheon. You brief her what the meeting will be all about so she can say a thing or two as you meet with your business acquaintances.

Unknown to many people, escorts who get hired for intelligent companionship don’t have to offer sex. They actually get hired just to ease up talks when business buddies talk. So yeah, if you already have a hunch that the business prospect you’re about to meet is serious, no-nonsense and all about business, show up with an escort. No one has to know she’s an escort but you.

Special BDSM

BDSM is all about pain. That’s not entirely true though. There are BDSM levels from amateur all the way to intense. BDSM Escorts know this very well, which is why they may ask if you’re new to BDSM or you’re experienced, before engaging you. Be sure to let her know if you’re going about BDSM for the first time so she can be gentle on you.

Mature Escorts

This is exactly where busty escorts London come into the picture. Many of them happen to be in their forties which is why they are sometimes referred to as MILF escorts. If you’re into older women, then this is the kind of escort services you should be looking for.  Escorts’s agencies like Amy’s are well known in London and beyond for both mature and young escorts. Stick to such agencies if you’re keen on getting value for your money.

Wrap Up

There are so many escort services you’ve never heard of before. Some are expensive while others are within the means of the Average Joe. Like already mentioned, all you have to do is ask before paying. Get to know what you’re paying for and the kind of escort services included in your package.

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