Top 8 Little Known Acts Of Kindness That Turn Escorts On


Top 8 Little Known Acts Of Kindness That Turn Escorts On

Top 8 Little Known Acts Of Kindness That Turn Escorts On

Top 8 Little Known Acts Of Kindness That Turn Escorts On

Act Of Kindness That Turns on London Escorts

You’ve heard and probably even read before that impressing a lady is a tall order. No doubt you’ve already heard that it is in fact, impossible. Well, it turns out that assumption is way off the mark. Sure, impressing a woman is a tall order. But like you’re about to find out, it is possible. You don’t even need to be rich to start with. The guinea pig in this little experiment? You guessed it right – your favourite London escorts. Relax, it is an experiment that will at worst, leave her with a smile on her face and at best, help you get laid with minimum effort.

First things first though. Escorts are human. That means they have feelings pretty much like you do. In all your dealings with them, acknowledge this fact. It’ll then be very easy to have a good time with them.

Back to the little experiment. The rule here is simple. You only have to be kind and respectful. Remember the goal is to impress her. The following acts of kindness will in that regard, make it easy for you to impress her.

1. Tipping

No one ever says no to money unless the circumstances under which the money is given is a little bit unclear or risky. With that said, always give credit where it is due. You booked an escort off a popular agency like Amy’s. You went on to have an amazing night. So good was the night that you now swear you’ll live to remember it. But that’s not all. You didn’t break the bank for that experience. As a matter of fact, you spent less than you had earlier on anticipated. You can certainly wake up in the morning, take a shower and have each of you head separate ways. On the flipside, you can take your time to thank the escort for her tremendous services by tipping her. The latter option wins.

Here’s the thing about tipping. It’s not really about flexing your financial muscle. Far from it, tipping is all about telling the other person that their either exceeded your expectations or that they offered you value for your money. As far as escorts are concerned, it is always a huge plus for the man. You could very well end up getting laid or enjoy a free escort services the next time you book the same escort you tipped before.

2. Complimenting

It doesn’t hurt to acknowledge that a person is beautiful or that they smell nice or even that they have sexy eyes. It is a gesture that’ll take you just a handful of seconds. What you may not know though is the kind of impact the gesture will have on the recipient.

Many escorts hardly ever get real compliments. This is especially the case in big cities like London where escort clients want to quickly have fun and get onto other chores for the day. Be exceptional. Be different. Compliment your escort and mean what you say. A good way to go about it is to maintain eye contact as you compliment. You may also want to pick out something very specific. ‘You looked better in person’, ‘Your dimples make you look sexy’, ‘The hair dye you have on is amazing’ These are just but examples of the kind of compliments you can use.

You’ll notice how the mood changes once you compliment an escort. Be sure to compliment shortly after meeting. That way, you can break the ice in a good way and start off the date on a high note.

If all the escorts you genuinely compliment were to be honest, you’d be surprised how many of them go for months without the kind words getting thrown their way. Busy escort enclaves like West London will most likely surprise you. That’s because West London escorts are almost always busy, serving a clientele that’s almost always on the move.

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3. Courtesy

Yup, yet another act of kindness that’ll cost you nothing. Forget about what they say about nice guys finishing last. Yes, you’re the nice guy here and you certainly won’t finish last. For starters, you’re paying for escort London services, so why and who would you finish last?

Show some courtesy. This is as easy as saying ‘Thank you beautiful’ after a night of intense merry making. It could also be as simple as asking her if needs more drinks for the night or more food. It doesn’t hurt. Sure, some acts of courtesy like ordering for room service once you notice she’s angry may cost you a little. The bigger picture though is that it’ll pay premium dividends as far as impressing your date is concerned.

4. Chivalry

It’s pretty much close to courtesy in the sense that it calls on the man to pull off the gentleman stunt. Yet again, you don’t have to spend a dime here. It’s all about little details. Open the door for her. Offer to hang her coat. Offer her your blazer if she’s freezing. You get the whole idea here.

5. Be Clean

Now this doesn’t sound like an act of kindness but it is. There’s an assumption that since a patron is paying for escort services, he can demand for some adult services and have the services offered in a jiffy never mind that the patron is unkempt and untidy. This actually stands out as one of the main challenges escorts in London and other cities face.

Like already mentioned, escorts are human. Expecting them to offer some services like oral sex when one is not so clean is akin to torture. The exact opposite is sexy though. That’s because escorts love clean clients. Show up clean. Shave if you have to. It may not seem much to you but to her, it is the least you can do to make her work easy. And yes, it is an act of kindness.

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6. Concern

You don’t need to have someone tell you that they’re having a bad day for you to notice that they’re indeed, having a bad day. Escorts go through such days a lot. It could be a rude client saying something rude to them or even fatigue. It happens. You could’ve booked an escorts service during one of those days. Note that no one ever plans to have a bad day. The bad days just come along…on their own.

Ask her if she’s okay. Be certain that she’s in her perfect mood to spend the night with you. You can always reschedule your date remember. This is actually one perk that comes along with booking escort services from respected agencies like Amy’s Escorts London. For any date cancellation that happens through no fault of your own, you can always request or another date.

Call the agency immediately you notice something’s wrong with your escort. The next time you book an escort and pick the same escort you assisted, you can be certain you’ll have a good time. The escort will for starters, remember you. Then there’s the fact that it’ll be easy for you two to get along without spending too much time trying to break the ice.

7. Ask First

You know what this is all about. A patron books an escort for an hour or two or even overnight. All is well until he tries to deep his joystick where she shouldn’t – anal. This always ends badly, with the escort storming out angrily or just getting mad.

It isn’t rocket science really – all you need to do is ask. Many escorts actually offer the kind of services you probably have in mind. The only thing that keeps them from offering the service is the amount of money you pay. Some services always call for premium charges. You’ll know this the moment you pay and receive a receipt detailing the kind of services you should expect.

The easiest way to avoid having a misunderstanding is to simply ask. Ask before you pay. You can also ask the escort if she’s okay with certain acts. This is important because by the time the escort shows up for a date, she already has everything figured out in her head. This includes the hour she’ll check in and of course, the kind of services she’ll offer. Don’t for whichever reason, surprise her with anything not discussed earlier. If you have to, ask first.

8. Reference By Name

She told you her name the first time you talked over the phone. You liked the name. Strangely, you don’t call her by her name. You’ve resorted to pet names like ‘Honey’ and ‘Dear’. There’s nothing wrong with that only that no one ever finds such words sexy anymore. They’re clichés and are in fact, more likely to turn off a prospect. Simply call your date by her name. If you’re unsure about the pronunciation, ask.

Wrap Up

Escorts don’t often demand much in terms of what it takes to impress them. You don’t even need to spend too much on them. Once you pay the agreed sum, try out any of the aforementioned tips. You’ll be surprised at how much each of the discussed tips will mean to your date.

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