9 Signs An Escort Likes Spending Time With You


9 Signs An Escort Likes Spending Time With You

9 Signs An Escort Likes Spending Time With You

9 Signs An Escort Likes Spending Time With You

Spending Time With London Escort

London has been good to you….no, not really because of how scenic and historic the city is. It’s not about the city’s tea culture either. It’s something else. Something sexier – the escorts. So far so good, the escorts of London have treated you well. You could in fact say, they’ve somehow become part and parcel of your monthly regimen. You’ve frequented all the popular escorts agencies the city has to offer. You didn’t think much about your sexcapades but as it turns out, one of your regular escorts had other ideas. She suddenly began seeing you in a different light. You didn’t mind the attention. Now something happens each time you book her for a date. She is one of Amy’s Escorts finest escorts so it doesn’t really come as a surprise that her beauty and charm swept you off your feet. You’ve developed a soft spot for your favourite escort. She on the other hand…well, you’re not so sure. Take a keener look though. Escorts always exude the following signs each time they’re in love.

1. It’s Beyond Sex

Admit it, you’ve always hang out with escorts primarily for sex. Sure, there are other perks like deep tissue massage and the occasional dinner date. Mostly though, they’re your go to solution for quick, no strings attached kind of intimacy. What happens though when you suddenly notice your favourite escort doesn’t look at sex the same way you do? It was all business at first but things have suddenly changed. She’s more intimate and passionate each time she lays you. You can in fact, tell from the deep kisses she now gives that she’s in love. You’re right. That’s the first cue you need. You only have two options here. You either reciprocate the intimacy or tap out and set the record straight on what you expect from her.

2. Talks About Her Private Life

You’ll talk with an escort about every other thing – big or little – under the sun. When it comes to her private life though, she’ll flat out refuse to say anything or simply tell you her private life is none of your business. It so happens though that for many people – both men and women – attraction to a prospect makes it very easy to open up. A more accurate term is vulnerability. You get it. If you’ve been there before, the you know how it feels – that you can talk to a prospect without the fear of getting judged.

Note that for many escorts, stigma is something they deal with daily. They get clients say mean things to them all the time solely because of what they do. With time, they develop a thick skin. They toughen up. For her to therefore open up on a her private life, she needs to be almost certain that you’re the man for her. Take her opening up for granted at your own risk and yeah, do not judge her.

3. Introduces You To Her Friends

Remember how back in high school you couldn’t wait to tell your friends you had a girlfriend? You were in love finally. Well, nothing changes really as people grow older. They want to share all the juicy details of their lives with people within their social circles. The escort you’re hypnotizing is certainly going through that phase. Chances are, all her closes friends already know about you. They have in fact, sized you up already to measure if you’re good enough for their girl. They are the vetting committee so to speak. By the time she introduces you to them, she’s already made up her mind that you’re taking things to the next level.

4. She Keeps In Touch For No Reason

How often do you have an escort reach out in the middle of the day for no reason? You know, the random ‘Hey Joe’ or ‘Morning Joe’. More often than not, they keep the relationship 100% casual. But then again, it so happens that escorts are humans with feelings. That means they can fall in love…and miss a prospect or a friend just like you do. That random text or call is the surest sign that yes, she misses you.

What you do with the random texts can go a long way to determine if you’ll eventually date. Ignore the texts and you exude a snobby, pride filled character. Text back and keep her engaged for a while. If possible, call her. It’ll make her day and you’ll good about it too.

5. Follows You On Social Media

London is replete with some of the sexiest escorts in Europe. How come though many of them aren’t active on social media? It’s simple – they want to keep their private lives private. This is especially the case with central London escorts. Many west London escorts do the same.

In many cases, the escort with a soft spot for you won’t just follow you social media. They’ll take things a notch higher and engage you. They’ll comment on our posts and photographs all in a bid to create a rapport within you. Soak in the moment and savour every bit of it. It doesn’t happen all the time so you can as well enjoy the ride. One thing though – avoid public displays of affection on social media.

6. Genuinely Compliments You

Escorts compliment their clients all the time. They do this as part of their job in a bid to make their clients feel comfortable. More often than not, the compliment is the usual, ‘You look good’ or ‘You smell nice’ kind of compliment. Aptly put, they hardly ever mean what they say. Things change though when love is involved. The compliments sound more genuine and specific. The compliment can in fact, come 24 hours later after you saw each other. ‘Last night was great’ or ‘You made me weak last night the moment you kissed my neck’.

Note that these are not really usual compliments. If anything, the escort doesn’t really want to have you back as a client the next minute. She wouldn’t mind you paying for her services again of course. She’s however, genuinely complimenting you. You could also hear very specific complements like ‘Your new hair cut is cool’ or ‘Your new suit looks great on you’. You can tell that all these compliments are well thought out and personal. She has taken time to observe you and in the process, noted something that stands out.

7. She Asks Personal Questions

Put yourself in her shoes. She likes you already. She’s told you enough about herself. You on the other hand, haven’t said much about yourself. She doesn’t know much about you other than the fact that you’re a businessman in London. If you were her, it’d make perfect sense to ask many personal questions as possible. So yeah, don’t feel bad that she wants to know more and more about you. She’s simply doing what any sane person in love would. Be gentle with her. Tell her what you’re comfortable with. Leave a little bit of mystery though so as to keep the flame ablaze.

8. Reaches Out For Advice

The age where everyone feels and wants to have everyone think they have everything figured out is finally here. No one wants to admit that they don’t know so when you come across a lass reaching out for advice, you’re lucky. Think not that she’s asking for advice merely because she likes you. It could very well be that she’s genuinely reaching out hoping you can help. This hardly ever happens unless the escort holds you in high regard and has genuinely fallen in love with you.

You know what to do. Be courteous enough to advise her. It could be money matters or general life issues. Note though that you need to be careful where money and investments are involved. Either way, she could be asking a thing or two about investment options because she’s figured out you are a smart business person. Be flattered, mellow in the moment then proceed to advise her.

9. The Free Sex

There are many things an escort can do for you for free. Free sex is however, hardly ever among such things. It simply never happens. It has happened to you though. You jokingly invited you for a sleep over. She showed up, made you dinner and proceeded to give you the best sex you’ve had at home on your bed in a decade. No, that wasn’t a mistake. It was deliberate. A clear message to you that she likes you enough to spend time with you and while at it, lay you.

Wrap Up

It sounds strange but yes, an escort can fall in love with you. They are human after all with feelings as already mentioned. You may not know notice it immediately solely because men are not so good at reading signs. You now know though that any of the aforementioned moves can mean your favourite escort is falling in love with you. The onus is therefore, with you. Make up your mind. Be bold too and ask her out. You’ll quickly notice that unlike what many people think, escorts can fall in love. They in fact, happen to make awesome girlfriends.

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