8 Sure Signs An Escort Is Enjoying Your Company


8 Sure Signs An Escort Is Enjoying Your Company

8 Sure Signs An Escort Is Enjoying Your Company

8 Sure Signs An Escort Is Enjoying Your Company

8 Sure Signs An Escort Is Enjoying Your Company

It is happening! You never thought it could but yeah, life’s strange. It keeps on throwing unexpected curveballs at you. This one though…this one is special. You’ve fallen in love with an escort. It’s not really your fault. Amy’s Escorts are in so many ways irresistible. You’ve been seem quite a handful for a while so you know what they’re all about. What strikes you as appalling is how fast you developed a soft spot for an escort you really didn’t think much about initially. You now find yourself at a strange place emotionally, worried…trying to figure out if she’s also into you. You’re okay with what she does. As a matter of fact, you don’t want her to quit her escorting gig. You only want take your escort-client relationship to the next level.

Think of your desired escort as any other women. Note that she has feelings like any other woman does. This means that when it comes to matters of the heart and asking her out, the same flirting rules apply – the same rules you follow when asking out girls at school or at the office. From then on, the onus is on you to figure out if you’re both attracted to each other. If you’re keen enough, there are tale tell signs you can’t miss. She could lie and deny she’s isn’t attracted to you but the following signs will sell her out.


Whether it is over a text or in person, a lady attracted to you will fully engage in your conversations – wholeheartedly. This may happen without her knowing. She’ll not nod her head or communicate with one word texts. She’ll go the extra mile to add some form input to your conversation just to prolong it. Remember that escorts hardly ever keep in touch after you’re done with them. You either pay for the next date or bump into her as you go about your business. This is especially the case with nearly all escorts in London. It’s not really that they are cold hearted. It all boils down to the nature of their work. This can only mean one thing for you. Anytime she sets aside time to engage you in a conversation, she’s inadvertently telling you she likes you. The golden egg and perhaps the ultimate sign you need as a confirmation is when she calls.

She Stares

This is interesting because it’ll happen when she thinks you’re not keen enough to notice. It is an actually a solid human trait so you can be certain it’s reliable. It happens not just when humans are attracted to each other but also when they develop an innate liking for an object. Remember the car you saw on the street and instantly fell in love with? You looked at it long enough to soak up your admiration for it. She’ll stare not even once or twice but several times when you’re together. She’ll sometimes stare and compliment your looks or she’ll just stare and say nothing. Either way, she isn’t just attracted to you. She’s also enjoying your company.

She’ll Ask Questions

Nothing screams ‘I’m enjoying your company’ like a girl asking you a bunch of questions. It may unsettle you at first. It certainly won’t be long though before it dawns on you that she’s asking you many questions because she wants to more about it. She’s already enjoying your company. As a matter of fact, she always looks forward to when you’ll hook up next. She’s figured out already that you’re her type, so what next? You already guessed it right – get to know him. Now this isn’t a special preserve for West London Escorts, it’s simply yet another trait that cuts across the board when it comes to human behavioural patterns.

She Opens Up To You

Escorting is by all means a tough job. It is essentially all about meeting different people for one main reason – to keep them entertained. Escorting therefore, especially in places like Central London, comes along with tons of challenges. That’s why it takes some effort to impress central London escorts. Now you’re out on a date, taking about different things. You’re both having a good time then she suddenly gets vulnerable. She talks about her job, the challenges she faces daily, her plans, her fears and pretty much the kind of things you can only tell a person you feel safe around. She isn’t just enjoying your company. She’s already made up her mind you’re good enough for her.

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She Lets You See Her Dorky Side

When it comes to dates, you only want to put your best foot forward. The last thing you want is to air your dirty linen in public. Now here comes an escort you found through Amy’s Escorts. You notice she’s a special one. You decide that of all the escorts the agency has to offer, you’ll be a regular for this one. Then before you know it, some chemistry happens. You go on a date and out of nowhere, she talks of things you wouldn’t ever talk on a date. She talks of her annoying sibling or how she hates cooking. She could be doing this deliberately or without noticing. It doesn’t really matter. She’s put herself on the line for you on a date – that’s an outright giveaway that she’s enjoying your company.

She Laughs At Your Jokes

Making an escort laugh at your jokes isn’t easy. You’ll have to make her feel easy and comfortable around you before you can try out your first joke. Part of the reason escorts find it easy to loosen up on a date has everything to do with the nature of their job as already explained. Make her laugh and you can be certain she’s enjoying your company. Now, here’s one thing you need to be keen on. An escort can laugh at your jokes because they are genuinely hilarious. On the other hand, she can laugh at your jokes even though they are in some way, bland and flat out stale clichés. In the latter case, that’s already a sign that she’s enjoying your company. It is almost as is she’s telling you, ‘Yeah, you’re not that funny but I like you all the same and to prove it, I’ll laugh at your jokes…’ consider it a huge then of course, work on your sense of humour.

The Free Ticket

There are things that rarely happen. Total solar eclipse, shooting stars and the blue-moon are examples of some of the rarest events on the planet. Then there’s the free ticket from an escort. You know what that means. If you’re not in the loop, it’s all about having an intimate date with an escort, free of charge. Now that doesn’t happen every day so when it happens, two things are in the offing – either the escort likes you so much or you’re simply lucky. Even in the likely event that you’re lucky, she must still have developed of a soft spot for you, tender enough to give you the free ticket.

Take into account the events preceding the free ticket. What triggered her to offer the ticket? Were you on a date? Did she call just to let you know she wants to ‘see’ you? If you’re on a date and she hints that she wants to enjoy the rest of the evening behind closed doors, then you’re the man of the moment. Be keen though. Make sure the offer is made with a sober mind. The last thing you want is waking up next to an escort claiming to have lured you into bed with her while intoxicated.

Be keen too on what she says when drunk. People hardly ever filter their feelings when drunk. She’ll blurt out occasionally how good you are for her – if you’re actually good. On the flipside, she may blurt out too that she isn’t really enjoying your company.

Inviting Body Language

You can tell a lady’s into you just be observing how she positions herself when talking to you. On that note, observe the way she’s seated when you’re on a date. For instance, she’ll turn her whole body towards you as you speak. She’ll also find it hard to maintain eye contact. Speaking of eye contact, the game changes when it comes to men. You have to maintain eye contact even when you’re nervous.

An escort already enjoying your company will also find just about any excuse to touch you. She may not make the first move but may nonetheless act in a way to hint that she’s into you. She could for instance, place her hand right next to yours. She may also not pull away at all when you move close to her. Additionally, she won’t recoil anytime you place your arm around hers. Be careful though with the affectionate displays. Don’t overdo anything. Don’t brush her off too. Be a gentleman and request if you can see each other behind closed doors.

Wrap Up

It sounds strange but yes, an escort can develop feelings for you. Before then though, you must be charming enough to make her enjoy your company each time you meet. It isn’t rocket science. Her body language will betray her. You on the other hand should be keen enough to take hints.

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