Why 30 Minute Escorts Are Getting So Much Popularity In London


Why 30 Minute Escorts Are Getting So Much Popularity In London

Why 30 Minute Escorts Are Getting So Much Popularity In London

Why 30 Minute Escorts Are Getting So Much Popularity In London

30 Minute Escorts

London is pure magic, pure bliss. Steeped in history and widely romanticized in a way only a few cities can only dream of, it is hard not to fall in love with London. Strangely, it is hard to pinpoint with precision what makes London so enchanting. It could be the cities century-old tea culture, vibrant locals, magical nightlife or even the famous soccer clubs that call the English capital home. Whatever it is, the city will leave you mystified by pretty much everything you’ll lay your eyes on. But forget about all the notable highlights. There’s yet another wave that’s taken over the city – escorts.

It may sound strange but London today is the escort capital of Europe and every soon, the world. Escorts have in so many ways revolutionized the industry for the better. To put this into perspective, London today leads as far as A-Level escapades are concerned. You can already guess who offers the services – escorts just in case you’re still dazed. For those not in the loop, A-Level is the local lingo for anal sex. It doesn’t end there. It looks as though every other Londoner or foreigner visiting the city for discrete pleasures opts for short, steamy sessions – 30 minute escorts to be precise. The icing on the cake boils down to the fact that escorts from all over the world now call London home. So whether you want your 30 minutes of awesomeness with an Italian, Spanish, Brazilian or exotic escort, London really is the place to be. But why exactly is the 30-minute service suddenly so popular? Read on to learn more.

The Time Factor

You don’t have to be a local to figure out how busy London is. It is actually Europe’s commercial capital. That pretty much means everyone is always on the move. This is a beautiful thing. On the flip side, though, it means people don’t have much time on their hands to unwind. That is precisely where 30 minute escorts come into the picture.

Notably, many 30 minute bookings are in the afternoon. This just happens to be the time when things slow down a little bit. Bookings are hastily made for outcall services or outcall services. Now London is famous for one of the most vital conveniences of modern times – seamless transport. This makes it easy for escort hunters to book rooms for discrete escort services within and outside the city. West London in particular is popular for discrete guest house bookings. You could be at the heart of London, book a service with a 30 minute prior notice and be certain you’ll not keep your date waiting. Everything is possible in London. You could be randomly browsing the internet for brunette escorts, spot one off a site like Amy’s and book. Within 30 minutes you’ll have booked a date for a 30 minute session with a sensual brunette. One minute you’re in a meeting, the next you’re having fun with an adult escort in West London.

Short n’ Sweet Trend

It is a trend coined by London escorts referring to the now popular 30 minute escorting services. Short n’ sweet as the trend is aptly called is pretty much self-explanatory. Meet with your date, exchange a few pleasantries and get naked. Getting naked here doesn’t necessarily mean getting naked for sex. It could very well be for purposes of enjoying a steamy Brazilian massage. This doesn’t mean, though, that sex is never part of the service. Happy ending, as the escorts call it refers to when you include sex as part of the service offered after the massage. In some cases, though, the sex comes first, then the massage – it’s still a happy ending in so many ways.

Escorts seem to prefer to short n sweet trend for so many reasons. For starters, it makes it easy for them to serve many patrons. For the patron, the short n’ sweet service means you don’t have to worry about chit chats or small talk when you meet with your date.

The Money Issue

Book an escort for a whole afternoon here in London and you can be certain you’ll have to part away with as much as 1000 pounds. Book her for a few hours and the figure reduces to roughly 500 pounds. Book her for 30 minutes and you only have to churn out 300 pounds. If you’re on a budget but craving for some adult fun, then by all means 30 minute escorts can come in handy. Make no mistake though, many 30 minute escorting services still feature extras like massage and even role play. It all depends on the agency you book an escort from. That’s exactly why you must be particularly picky and careful with the agency you hire an escort from.

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The Fun Factor

London has so much to offer. Spend a month in the city, and you won’t even be halfway done with what the city has to offer in terms of fun. There’s simply so much to see. Even the locals here hardly ever explore the city to the fullest. Pockets, little pockets of fun-filled enclaves crop up within the city every other month. This may leave you with just a handful of minutes for some adult fun. So on one hand you want to have fun sightseeing the English capital. On the other hand, you want to spend some time with local escorts. You really don’t have much of a choice but to settle for 30 minute services.

No Gimmicks – Straight to the Point

Picking up women is hard these days. You can never tell if your date will find your complements offensive or even worse, you can never be too sure of some TLC. The last thing you want is such uncertainties when having fun in a city as big as London. You just do not want to ever put up with unnecessary flirting especially if your prospect is taking you round and round in circles. There’s a simple solution for the problem. Go online, find a decent escorts agency and go through hundreds of escort profiles.

One good thing with nearly all licenced agencies in London is the fact that they all seem to have stellar profiles of some of the most beautiful women you’ll ever see. Booking one for a 30 minute session can in fact be a tall order for you. There’s a likelihood you’ll be spoilt for choice. Opt for the 30 minute session. Here’s one good thing about the 30 minute session. As soon as your date agrees on it, she already knows what’s up. Like already hinted, you won’t have to talk much. Pleasantries and you’re already on each other the next minute, giving each other euphoric orgasms.

The Acceptable Minimum

If you’ve already had a chance to browse through many escorts’ agencies websites, then you’ll quickly notice that 30 minutes is the acceptable minimum for booking escorts. This doesn’t just apply to London only. It also applies to many other cities in Europe. It, therefore, makes sense why the service is top-rated.

Wrap Up

London never disappoints. Have as much fun as you can while visiting. Then by all means, have some feminine company by your side. Note that you don’t have to book an escort for just 30 minutes. If your pockets allow, then by all means book an escort for the whole night or a whole afternoon. It all boils down to how much time and how much money you have. Keep in mind too that for your to make the most of your time with escorts in London, you have no choice but to book via licenced and reputable escorts agencies.

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